Pop Tarot : my newest adventure !

Greetings Tarot lovers !

Long time no see ! I’m writing today, and hopefully I’ll write more often because I’d like to share with you my newest adventure : Pop Tarot. That’s right I’ve decided to go pro !

Now this is not going to be one of those self-promoting posts, because as my blog says it this is Tarot Confessions ! And I really want to share the experience of going pro with those of you who are still not sure, those who have taken the leap and also with those who don’t wish to do it.

It is true I’ve been off the radar for quite sometime. I have 2 explanations for that :

  1. winter : I suffer from winter blues and all I want during the winter time is to go within my little bubble and stay there. I really feel like it’s my 4 of Swords cross The Hermit time of the year.
  2. I had to do quite a lot of soul searching recently and a lot of work on myself to finally rekindle the passion that I have for Tarot and understanding why I was feeling frustrated about it.

The good news is I finally figured out where this frustration was coming from and how to give me a Tarot boost once and for all.

I realised that staying in the shadows in regards to my Tarot love and not admitting to myself the calling that I’ve been hearing for quite sometime was bringing me down. I’ve decided to take the leap and start my own Tarot Business. Whoop whoop !

I still need to work my day job, but gosh it feels so good to come back home and work on my Tarot business at night and on weekends. I feel a rush of happiness whenever I get a new reading to do or when I read a testimonial even whenI have admin stuff to do on the website.

Of course I still have a huge learning curve ahead but I’m so excited about it.

So as of now I’ve created a website that you can visit here at www.poptarot.com. It’s in French because that’s where I live, and I’m working on the English version in order to be able to offer skype / google hangouts consultations.

I’ve realised a lot of my clients are international because I am very international ( I from Brazil, lived in Canada, live in France work between France and England) and I started the website in French and I already have requests for the English version. So that’s my next step, making my website bilingual.

Anyways, all of this to say that I’ve been postponing going pro for quite sometime and now that I finally took the leap I feel so much happiness inside, I feel like I’m going to burst. I realised I was the only person holding me back, I was afraid of judgement, but truth is I was judging myself. Thank goodness I got rid of those chains 😉

Over to you now ? Do you wish to go pro ? If so why and what’s holding you back ?

Much ❤

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Cooking with the Court Cards : Knight of Swords

Greetings Tarot lovers !

Here we are off to the fourth post of  Cooking with the Court Cards !

Last week we talked about the Page of Swords and today we finish up the Swords family with the little rebel / bad boy Knight of Swords.

PS: If you are new here, click here if you missed out on the  original Tarot versus Food series and here for the newest series Cooking with the Court Cards !

Cooking with the Court Cards – The KNIGHT of Swords

Prologue :

I have to admit that I procrastinated to write this post. I just couldn’t get myself to do it. If you follow me on Instagram (@bellabtarot), you might have seen me playing around with insta stories instead of writing. Funny how as soon as I pulled the Knight of Swords card I felt a push to get moving !

On another note, how was your week ? Mine was quite an intense week and it was not easy to stay cool and carry on, but hey, that’s what weekends and chocolates are for amarite ?

Now onto the real stuff :


The Knight of Swords is THE rebel with capital THE, like a mini version of Gordon Ramsey (remember him from the King of Swords ?). When you watch a cooking competition show, he is the angry student who has a rock n’ roll bandana, tattoos blue / pink coloured hair, who picks a fight with everyone, yet incredibly f*n talented.

He doesn’t realise it himself, but part of his straight forward, defying, in your face attitude really works on getting people off their balance, and that’s how he beats you every single time. He takes you out of your balance. The Knight of Swords is the “he drives me crazy” type of person. You know those people that just… drive you insane and you still adore them ? That’s him.

Often perceived as hot headed, impulsive, bold and rebellious, the Knight of Swords brings a fresh look into old recipes. He is so daring that he’ll look for different ways of doing things just to break the rules, because there are no rules and it works. Yes he is the one you’ll be arguing with all the time when you are in the kitchen. He wants to change everything and he’ll take control of your knives in a blink of an eye.

To this guy/girl cooking is an art of intellect, invention, re-invention. It makes me think of an Italian chef called Massimo Bottura* (featured in Netflix’s doc series Chef’s Table ) who is considered a big rebel for re-interpreting classic Italian cuisine. Can you imagine, changing traditional Italian recipes ? What an outrage for Italian culture !* He was so criticised for re-thinking traditional family recipes but he just doesn’t care, that’s his art and guess what ? It’s a huge success.

So whenever you’re feeling like changing things around, breaking the rules, being a bit hot headed, daring and brave… yeap, you should run to your grandma’s old recipes and start playing around with them, because you are embodying the Knight of Swords energy, and great things can happen thanks to that !

Have an amazing week everyone and dare to do something extraordinary !

Much ❤







Cooking with the Court Cards : Page of Swords

Greetings Tarot lovers !

Here we are off to the second post of  Cooking with the Court Cards !

Last week we talked about the Queen of Swords and I don’t know about you, but I noticed a lot quicker when I was getting into her mode. This week I want to talk about the Page of Swords ! I’ll leave all Knights for last because, I think they bring an element of disruption to all suits. But more about that later !

If you are new here, click here if you missed out on the  original Tarot versus Food series and here for the newest series Cooking with the Court Cards !

Cooking with the Court Cards – The PAGE of Swords

Oh this young girl/boy knows how to get on your skin ! He/she is extremely intelligent and quick ! He/She doesn’t need much explanation to understand something and has a very sharp mind as well as tongue ! The Page of Swords won’t hesitate on making a comment about something, of thinking he/she knows better than all the other pages. Because in a sense it is true, most of the times he/she knows a bit better, but he/she needs to learn how to deal with the fact that people have different timings, otherwise he/she comes off as an arrogant little s**t.

You’ve met him/her… I know you have… Have you been in a cooking class with other people, even if it’s just for fun and there was a person who kept interrupting the chef to ask “tricky” questions to test out the knowledge of the instructor ? That’s the Page of Swords.

Let me try to give you a better picture : we’ve signed up for a macaron’s class. By the end of class, everyone has made a few macarons. Some are obviously better done than others. Regardless,  everyone is happy for we’ve had a good time and learned at least a few tips. When the times comes to taste each others final products, normally the page of wands, cups and pentacles will just smile and say :  “hmm, it’s good”. The Page of Swords, on the other hand, will say : “It’s good, but ________ (fill in the blank)”. There is always something that could’ve been done better – that’s not to say that they themselves have done it, wether they take their own advice is something else, but he has an opinion/advice for everyone.

Another exemple : You’ve invited your friend over for dinner. You start prepping the meal. He/she watches you cook and makes faces of approval or disapproval all along even if they don’t know how to cook. She’ll suggest that you add more salt or less pepper, or “not sure about this ingredient, are you sure ?”. It can drive one crazy.

The Page of Swords is  of course not at all bad. She/he is also the most eager student, the one who is interested and will bring new ingredients to test out because they’ve read it somewhere. She/he will also be on the lookout for new techniques and improvement. You can learn a lot from this one, he/she helps you stay sharp and prepared.

Have a great week !

Much ❤

(specially for all the pages of swords out there !)


*Sorry for the back and forth on he/she, she/he.






Cooking with the Court Cards : Queen of Swords

Greetings Tarot lovers !

Here we are off to the second post of  Cooking with the Court Cards !

Last week we talked about the King of Swords and I figured that it is important we talk about the his Queen. These two together make a hell of a combination ! Master minds !

(click here if you missed out on the  original Tarot versus Food)

Cooking with the Court Cards – The QUEEN of Swords

She* doesn’t take any shit from anybody. The Queen of Swords has been through a lot in her life and she has reached a stage where people’s emotions don’t affect her anymore. This is cold, hard analytics. She can be a great listener, perhaps a bit more quiet than your chatty Queen of Wands ( more on her another day) and a master of understanding the underlying issue.  However don’t come to her to wine and complain about life. If you do get ready for some harsh truths about yourself. She will not let you get away with it. 

How does she expresses herself in the kitchen  ? She strives for perfection ! She is the most meticulous person in the kitchen you’ll ever meet ! She plans weeks in advance, she studies, she analyses every single recipe before deciding on one.  Take her desserts for exemple : they are perfectly mastered, an explosion of flavours. She chops with precision and when she slices, everything comes our perfectly even.

If she is supposed to bring cake to the party, don’t expect a store bought dough, or just a regular chocolate cake. She is not going to share her grand mother’s recipe because they are just plain comfort food. To this Queen, food isn’t supposed to be comfy, food has to be surprising, amazing, sophisticated. So if you ask her to bring cup cakes to the kids play date, she”ll show up with something more like this :

She is not refusing to serve cupcakes to annoy you, it’s just that she cannot force herself to be anything less than perfect.

Which is why people often think of her as conceited or critical of others. In reality she is just true to herself and to others. She won’t fall for diplomacy, she is straight forward honest and you have to appreciate her for that ! Specially nowadays when there is so much glossing over everything ! And it’s almost cute how she doesn’t realise how harsh she can be. Well, you have to learn to love her tough love !

I really like this Queen of Swords lady ! She totally rocks !

Have an amazing week

Much ❤


*Again, I chose to call the Queen of Swords a “she” just to facilitate things. Of course, a man can embody the same energy. I don’t even like saying masculine or feminine energy because I truly believe that we all have both inside of us. I do see things in more active or receptive energy.





Cooking with the Court Cards : King of Swords

Greetings Tarot Junkies !

I present to you my brand new Tarot versus Food series : Cooking with the Court Cards !

(click here if you missed out on the first series)

A little back story :

When I first started reading Tarot I struggled to understand the court cards, I still do sometimes, and I think that’s perfectly normal. At the time I tried several techniques to understand their energy and I read several books and blogs in the attempt to capture the essence of each court card.

Of course, there is nothing better than experience to better understand these cards, but one thing I learned is that having fun making comparisons with them helps a lot ! You can compare it to the characters of your favorite TV show, film or book, or even to people you know. I personally compare them to cooking styles. Hence the reason for this series !

Cooking with the Court Cards – King of Swords


Ah the King of Swords. I think a lot of people fear him when they get him on a reading ! He is sharp, straightforward, “don’t stand on my way” kind of person. He has experience*, ambition, he knows what he wants, but most of all he is meticulous, strategic, he knows when to strike, and he won’t be merciful if you get on his way.

It really makes me think of a famous TV Chef…. Do you know who I’m talking about ?


Yeap, think about Gordon Ramsay, he is my King of Swords. He knows his craft to perfection !  The meal is planned out and he follows his strategy to the tee, there is no place for mistakes. You don’t know how to chop onions ?  Be quick and get out of his kitchen. Chop chop ! Don’t stand in his way, you’ll get burned !


On the bright side, play your cards right, use reason and logic, search for the best possible move to win, you’ll be in his grace.giphy

In any case, this guy is the best person to learn strategy from. Have you been soft and need you toughen up ?  The King of Swords is your guide !

Much ❤


*I chose to call the King of Swords a “he” just to facilitate things. Of course, a woman can embody the same energy. I don’t even like saying masculine or feminine energy because I truly believe that we all have both inside of us. I do see things in more active or receptive energy. The King of Swords represents to me are more active energy of the mind.





Project Happier Now : Part 4 – Spreading Happiness

Greetings Tarot friends !

I’ve been once again fighting with myself to get my writing mojo back. But I’ve decided to force myself today and share with you the fourth and last  part of this experiment I’ve embarked on.

As you know for the past month or so I’ve been trying to become happier right now. What I’ve realised is that isn’t as easy as people preach it to be. It really does require a lot of effort to be focused on the present moment specially when you have been trained to look to the future all the time.

In any case, I feel like the last part is really going to help close this project because I really truly believe that when we make people happy we are really the ones who benefit from it. Of course if making someone else happier does not go against your own nature, safety, morality and etc.

This last part is about sharing happiness and I think it it’s very much related to the belief that what you do to others come back three times to you.  If it comes back three or more times I don’t know for sure, but  if the goal is to be happier, let’s make other people happy and profit from it 😉

So how can we make this happen ? First we need to identify our strength in happiness sharing. For some people it might be making people laugh, for others is through charity, some might have a knack for gathering friends, it doesn’t matter, we all have a happiness super power that can be used to make us and other people happier. 


  • What is my happiness super power ? (What is my skill that make other people happy) ?
    if you feel like it, you can take up to three cards to really narrow it down. I personally prefer to keep it a bit opened.

I got : Ace of Cups – which makes a lot of sense to me. First because I am a very transparent person and when I’m happy everyone can see. So I’m similar to the cup in the ace of cups, overflowing with happy emotions. Secondly because I love connecting with people on a  emotional level. I really do enjoy being around people and listening to them and making them laugh and just connecting. I feel we really need connection nowadays. Internet connects us in a virtual level, but real life connection can never be replaced by the online world, at least not for me.

  • How can I protect my happiness from negative energies/people ? 
    This is important to keep your happiness health in good shape. 

I got the 8 of Wands reversed and interestingly enough this is such a good advice. Whenever I feel scattered and all over the place I do become a lot more sensitive to negative energies and I become negative. The key with this card for me is grounding. I must be grounded quite often. I guess meditation is something I should really be paying attention too. I also think this has to do with spending my extra energy. If I build up too much on energy that has no release, I tend to become stressed. It’s a good thing I just took sports back ! Getting all of this accumulated stuff out, and the benefits of it I can feel them already.

  • 3 Actions to spread happiness to others right now ?
    Remember to use these actions with you super power for double happiness strength.

Card 1 – Temperance Reversed – Encouraging audacity. We are so often afraid of being our true authentic selves for being scared of being “too much”, or looking stupid, or not good enough. This is nonsense ! I should encourage others to be themselves by letting them see that I too am afraid of the judgement, but I don’t let it paralyse me.
Card 2 – 4 of Cups Reversed – Using my ability to share my happiness to break the defences of the people that are some what ignoring what life is offering them. Maybe do it in a way that make them feel more comfortable about themselves and opened to opportunities. Help them see what’s being offered.
Card 3 – 6 of Pentacles  – Giving more, generosity. I need to be generous with my time and give more time to connect to people that really need it. Sharing my time, my skills, my savoir-faire.

There you go !! We’ve reached the end of the Project Happier Now ! This doesn’t mean I’ll be happy 100% of the time or that all my problems are solved. But it does bring a new perspective to things and specially in regards to how I see and think about happiness. It was a fun little project ! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my confessions !

Anyways, I wish you a lovely week !

Much ❤



Project Happier Now : Part 3 – Adjusting Your Happier Now Plan

Greetings Tarot friends !

I have been a bit on and off lately as times have been a bit challenging for me. But fear not even if I do play a little bit off the radar from time to time I eventually come back and continue where I stopped.

So as you may know, for the past few weeks I’ve been developing, or at least playing around with, my take on what a happiness project /good life would be like. For those of you who are new here jump back to part 1 .

This week I’ve decided to focus my attention onto adjusting my happier now project. Which means figuring out its blocks, limitations and other not so happy ideas.

One thing I have to say though is that  it’s quite impressive the amount of synchronicities in my life  since I started this project. I guess I really needed to check in with myself.  For instance, if you remember part 2 of the series one my action cards was the Lovers Reversed which I interpreted as  the need to bring all my parts together, become whole again.  Last week I didn’t write a post, but I felt really bad, not happy, questioning everything. And then I encountered a video on the internet that really spoke to me and then I really started reconnecting the dots internally. I guess the video only appeared to me when I really felt disconnected and therefore opened to it. It helped me see the dots that were running away and needed to come home.

I also think that’s perhaps why I didn’t write last week, because somehow I knew I needed to reach that moment before writing part 3 !

In any case, let’s get this post started  !



Part 3 – adjusting your happier now plan

I guess you understand what’s the point of this part of the project. Clearly last week’s plan was pretty good, but even great plans need to be slightly adjusted, adapted and evolve. So here you’ll find a few questions you can ask yourself and take cards to help you brainstorm a few ideas. Below you’ll find the questions and my results :

  • What is blocking me from implementing my happiness plan ?
    draw one card, maybe two. You want to keep it simple


Five of Cups Reversed – ok this is absolutely all about my attitude towards life. Oh jeez. Let’s just say I am being an absolute little b*tch towards life*, crying over spilled milk, regretting things, and not paying attention on the bright side of things which to be quite fair was not the case three months ago. But let’s just say when I get bored – remember my Knight of Wands from part 2 ? – I tend to brood about my future – ahhh I need a Three of Swords (aka drama) free life ! I have totally been acting like this for the past two weeks !  Ugh ! It’s all on me…

  • Why is this (attitude, state of mind, thing, situation) blocking me ?
    One or two cards. 

The Fool Reversed – This attitude is totally stealing my joie de vivre, or my passion for life, or my ability to throw myself into new things. It’s stopping me from starting new things, from trying new paths, from doing things I have never done before ! Maybe this is happening because I am in a state of mind where I am not allowing myself to jump and to just close my eyes and trust that things will be ok. I am probably holding off, or controlling myself too much.  Maybe I need to repeat my Happy Mantra more often…

  • How can I overcome this blockage and positively affect my life ? 

Nine of Pentacles Reversed. – Okay another reversed card ! Could Mercury Retrograde (or at least its shadow period) have anything to do with this ? In any case this card is telling me to perhaps focus on the things I love doing. Trust that things will fall into place if I focus on what lights me up**. I have somehow neglected the things I really care about because fo work, and maybe it’s time to get back on track and start finding the time for my real passions.

Oh ! I feel empowered ! I really needed this adjustment in order to understand the hiccups and I was facing.

Looking forward for part 4 which I think will be a game changer !

If you’d like to participate on the Project Happier Now please let me know ! I’d love to hear your feedback ! If you post about it, add a  pingback to me ! I’ll love to read your experience !

Much ❤


*To be precise this refers to my work/career. It has always been the case whenever I have life crisis. The bottom card or teacher card, was the Ace of Pentacles reversed which confirms what I already knew ! I’m so predictable ! At leas that’s reassuring  haha !
** Yes… a very precise/shameless/on the nose reference to Rebecca Campbell’s Light is the New Black book !