About me

IMG_5946Greetings! My name is Bella and this is my blog: Tarot Confessions.

I’ve created this blog because I wanted to write about my love with the tarot cards, oracle cards and personal development. Here you’ll find personal thoughts, videos, quick forecasts and some Tarot Spreads I’ve created.

Also, if you love food like me, you can also check out my Tarot vs Food series!

Since I can never really shut up, there will be lots of my own bla bla.

If you notice that sometimes I write weird phrases or make mistakes, fear not ! English is not my first language. I am originally from Brazil (it would seem I write really well in Portuguese, so I was told -chuckle*), I lived in Canada (that’s where the English comes from) and I currently live in France ( well, I don’t think you’ll read my French around here much). Sometimes, all of these languages make my writing “style” a bit confusing !

Anyways, if you don’t mind reading stuff about Tarot, Oracles and life in general, then this blog is for you!

***If you’d like to know a little bit more about how I started my journey with Tarot, check out this post:
How it all began

****If you are interested in my Pop Tarot services, please visit my business website at www.poptarot.com

Feel free to comment, ask questions! My blog is your blog!

Enjoy your reading.

much ❤

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