Cooking with the Court Cards : Knight of Swords

Greetings Tarot lovers !

Here we are off to the fourth post of  Cooking with the Court Cards !

Last week we talked about the Page of Swords and today we finish up the Swords family with the little rebel / bad boy Knight of Swords.

PS: If you are new here, click here if you missed out on the  original Tarot versus Food series and here for the newest series Cooking with the Court Cards !

Cooking with the Court Cards – The KNIGHT of Swords

Prologue :

I have to admit that I procrastinated to write this post. I just couldn’t get myself to do it. If you follow me on Instagram (@bellabtarot), you might have seen me playing around with insta stories instead of writing. Funny how as soon as I pulled the Knight of Swords card I felt a push to get moving !

On another note, how was your week ? Mine was quite an intense week and it was not easy to stay cool and carry on, but hey, that’s what weekends and chocolates are for amarite ?

Now onto the real stuff :


The Knight of Swords is THE rebel with capital THE, like a mini version of Gordon Ramsey (remember him from the King of Swords ?). When you watch a cooking competition show, he is the angry student who has a rock n’ roll bandana, tattoos blue / pink coloured hair, who picks a fight with everyone, yet incredibly f*n talented.

He doesn’t realise it himself, but part of his straight forward, defying, in your face attitude really works on getting people off their balance, and that’s how he beats you every single time. He takes you out of your balance. The Knight of Swords is the “he drives me crazy” type of person. You know those people that just… drive you insane and you still adore them ? That’s him.

Often perceived as hot headed, impulsive, bold and rebellious, the Knight of Swords brings a fresh look into old recipes. He is so daring that he’ll look for different ways of doing things just to break the rules, because there are no rules and it works. Yes he is the one you’ll be arguing with all the time when you are in the kitchen. He wants to change everything and he’ll take control of your knives in a blink of an eye.

To this guy/girl cooking is an art of intellect, invention, re-invention. It makes me think of an Italian chef called Massimo Bottura* (featured in Netflix’s doc series Chef’s Table ) who is considered a big rebel for re-interpreting classic Italian cuisine. Can you imagine, changing traditional Italian recipes ? What an outrage for Italian culture !* He was so criticised for re-thinking traditional family recipes but he just doesn’t care, that’s his art and guess what ? It’s a huge success.

So whenever you’re feeling like changing things around, breaking the rules, being a bit hot headed, daring and brave… yeap, you should run to your grandma’s old recipes and start playing around with them, because you are embodying the Knight of Swords energy, and great things can happen thanks to that !

Have an amazing week everyone and dare to do something extraordinary !

Much ❤








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