Cooking with the Court Cards : Page of Swords

Greetings Tarot lovers !

Here we are off to the second post of  Cooking with the Court Cards !

Last week we talked about the Queen of Swords and I don’t know about you, but I noticed a lot quicker when I was getting into her mode. This week I want to talk about the Page of Swords ! I’ll leave all Knights for last because, I think they bring an element of disruption to all suits. But more about that later !

If you are new here, click here if you missed out on the  original Tarot versus Food series and here for the newest series Cooking with the Court Cards !

Cooking with the Court Cards – The PAGE of Swords

Oh this young girl/boy knows how to get on your skin ! He/she is extremely intelligent and quick ! He/She doesn’t need much explanation to understand something and has a very sharp mind as well as tongue ! The Page of Swords won’t hesitate on making a comment about something, of thinking he/she knows better than all the other pages. Because in a sense it is true, most of the times he/she knows a bit better, but he/she needs to learn how to deal with the fact that people have different timings, otherwise he/she comes off as an arrogant little s**t.

You’ve met him/her… I know you have… Have you been in a cooking class with other people, even if it’s just for fun and there was a person who kept interrupting the chef to ask “tricky” questions to test out the knowledge of the instructor ? That’s the Page of Swords.

Let me try to give you a better picture : we’ve signed up for a macaron’s class. By the end of class, everyone has made a few macarons. Some are obviously better done than others. Regardless,  everyone is happy for we’ve had a good time and learned at least a few tips. When the times comes to taste each others final products, normally the page of wands, cups and pentacles will just smile and say :  “hmm, it’s good”. The Page of Swords, on the other hand, will say : “It’s good, but ________ (fill in the blank)”. There is always something that could’ve been done better – that’s not to say that they themselves have done it, wether they take their own advice is something else, but he has an opinion/advice for everyone.

Another exemple : You’ve invited your friend over for dinner. You start prepping the meal. He/she watches you cook and makes faces of approval or disapproval all along even if they don’t know how to cook. She’ll suggest that you add more salt or less pepper, or “not sure about this ingredient, are you sure ?”. It can drive one crazy.

The Page of Swords is  of course not at all bad. She/he is also the most eager student, the one who is interested and will bring new ingredients to test out because they’ve read it somewhere. She/he will also be on the lookout for new techniques and improvement. You can learn a lot from this one, he/she helps you stay sharp and prepared.

Have a great week !

Much ❤

(specially for all the pages of swords out there !)


*Sorry for the back and forth on he/she, she/he.







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