Cooking with the Court Cards : Queen of Swords

Greetings Tarot lovers !

Here we are off to the second post of  Cooking with the Court Cards !

Last week we talked about the King of Swords and I figured that it is important we talk about the his Queen. These two together make a hell of a combination ! Master minds !

(click here if you missed out on the  original Tarot versus Food)

Cooking with the Court Cards – The QUEEN of Swords

She* doesn’t take any shit from anybody. The Queen of Swords has been through a lot in her life and she has reached a stage where people’s emotions don’t affect her anymore. This is cold, hard analytics. She can be a great listener, perhaps a bit more quiet than your chatty Queen of Wands ( more on her another day) and a master of understanding the underlying issue.  However don’t come to her to wine and complain about life. If you do get ready for some harsh truths about yourself. She will not let you get away with it. 

How does she expresses herself in the kitchen  ? She strives for perfection ! She is the most meticulous person in the kitchen you’ll ever meet ! She plans weeks in advance, she studies, she analyses every single recipe before deciding on one.  Take her desserts for exemple : they are perfectly mastered, an explosion of flavours. She chops with precision and when she slices, everything comes our perfectly even.

If she is supposed to bring cake to the party, don’t expect a store bought dough, or just a regular chocolate cake. She is not going to share her grand mother’s recipe because they are just plain comfort food. To this Queen, food isn’t supposed to be comfy, food has to be surprising, amazing, sophisticated. So if you ask her to bring cup cakes to the kids play date, she”ll show up with something more like this :

She is not refusing to serve cupcakes to annoy you, it’s just that she cannot force herself to be anything less than perfect.

Which is why people often think of her as conceited or critical of others. In reality she is just true to herself and to others. She won’t fall for diplomacy, she is straight forward honest and you have to appreciate her for that ! Specially nowadays when there is so much glossing over everything ! And it’s almost cute how she doesn’t realise how harsh she can be. Well, you have to learn to love her tough love !

I really like this Queen of Swords lady ! She totally rocks !

Have an amazing week

Much ❤


*Again, I chose to call the Queen of Swords a “she” just to facilitate things. Of course, a man can embody the same energy. I don’t even like saying masculine or feminine energy because I truly believe that we all have both inside of us. I do see things in more active or receptive energy.






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