Cooking with the Court Cards : King of Swords

Greetings Tarot Junkies !

I present to you my brand new Tarot versus Food series : Cooking with the Court Cards !

(click here if you missed out on the first series)

A little back story :

When I first started reading Tarot I struggled to understand the court cards, I still do sometimes, and I think that’s perfectly normal. At the time I tried several techniques to understand their energy and I read several books and blogs in the attempt to capture the essence of each court card.

Of course, there is nothing better than experience to better understand these cards, but one thing I learned is that having fun making comparisons with them helps a lot ! You can compare it to the characters of your favorite TV show, film or book, or even to people you know. I personally compare them to cooking styles. Hence the reason for this series !

Cooking with the Court Cards – King of Swords


Ah the King of Swords. I think a lot of people fear him when they get him on a reading ! He is sharp, straightforward, “don’t stand on my way” kind of person. He has experience*, ambition, he knows what he wants, but most of all he is meticulous, strategic, he knows when to strike, and he won’t be merciful if you get on his way.

It really makes me think of a famous TV Chef…. Do you know who I’m talking about ?


Yeap, think about Gordon Ramsay, he is my King of Swords. He knows his craft to perfection !  The meal is planned out and he follows his strategy to the tee, there is no place for mistakes. You don’t know how to chop onions ?  Be quick and get out of his kitchen. Chop chop ! Don’t stand in his way, you’ll get burned !


On the bright side, play your cards right, use reason and logic, search for the best possible move to win, you’ll be in his grace.giphy

In any case, this guy is the best person to learn strategy from. Have you been soft and need you toughen up ?  The King of Swords is your guide !

Much ❤


*I chose to call the King of Swords a “he” just to facilitate things. Of course, a woman can embody the same energy. I don’t even like saying masculine or feminine energy because I truly believe that we all have both inside of us. I do see things in more active or receptive energy. The King of Swords represents to me are more active energy of the mind.






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