Project Happier Now : Part 4 – Spreading Happiness

Greetings Tarot friends !

I’ve been once again fighting with myself to get my writing mojo back. But I’ve decided to force myself today and share with you the fourth and last  part of this experiment I’ve embarked on.

As you know for the past month or so I’ve been trying to become happier right now. What I’ve realised is that isn’t as easy as people preach it to be. It really does require a lot of effort to be focused on the present moment specially when you have been trained to look to the future all the time.

In any case, I feel like the last part is really going to help close this project because I really truly believe that when we make people happy we are really the ones who benefit from it. Of course if making someone else happier does not go against your own nature, safety, morality and etc.

This last part is about sharing happiness and I think it it’s very much related to the belief that what you do to others come back three times to you.  If it comes back three or more times I don’t know for sure, but  if the goal is to be happier, let’s make other people happy and profit from it 😉

So how can we make this happen ? First we need to identify our strength in happiness sharing. For some people it might be making people laugh, for others is through charity, some might have a knack for gathering friends, it doesn’t matter, we all have a happiness super power that can be used to make us and other people happier. 


  • What is my happiness super power ? (What is my skill that make other people happy) ?
    if you feel like it, you can take up to three cards to really narrow it down. I personally prefer to keep it a bit opened.

I got : Ace of Cups – which makes a lot of sense to me. First because I am a very transparent person and when I’m happy everyone can see. So I’m similar to the cup in the ace of cups, overflowing with happy emotions. Secondly because I love connecting with people on a  emotional level. I really do enjoy being around people and listening to them and making them laugh and just connecting. I feel we really need connection nowadays. Internet connects us in a virtual level, but real life connection can never be replaced by the online world, at least not for me.

  • How can I protect my happiness from negative energies/people ? 
    This is important to keep your happiness health in good shape. 

I got the 8 of Wands reversed and interestingly enough this is such a good advice. Whenever I feel scattered and all over the place I do become a lot more sensitive to negative energies and I become negative. The key with this card for me is grounding. I must be grounded quite often. I guess meditation is something I should really be paying attention too. I also think this has to do with spending my extra energy. If I build up too much on energy that has no release, I tend to become stressed. It’s a good thing I just took sports back ! Getting all of this accumulated stuff out, and the benefits of it I can feel them already.

  • 3 Actions to spread happiness to others right now ?
    Remember to use these actions with you super power for double happiness strength.

Card 1 – Temperance Reversed – Encouraging audacity. We are so often afraid of being our true authentic selves for being scared of being “too much”, or looking stupid, or not good enough. This is nonsense ! I should encourage others to be themselves by letting them see that I too am afraid of the judgement, but I don’t let it paralyse me.
Card 2 – 4 of Cups Reversed – Using my ability to share my happiness to break the defences of the people that are some what ignoring what life is offering them. Maybe do it in a way that make them feel more comfortable about themselves and opened to opportunities. Help them see what’s being offered.
Card 3 – 6 of Pentacles  – Giving more, generosity. I need to be generous with my time and give more time to connect to people that really need it. Sharing my time, my skills, my savoir-faire.

There you go !! We’ve reached the end of the Project Happier Now ! This doesn’t mean I’ll be happy 100% of the time or that all my problems are solved. But it does bring a new perspective to things and specially in regards to how I see and think about happiness. It was a fun little project ! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my confessions !

Anyways, I wish you a lovely week !

Much ❤




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