Project Happier Now : Part 3 – Adjusting Your Happier Now Plan

Greetings Tarot friends !

I have been a bit on and off lately as times have been a bit challenging for me. But fear not even if I do play a little bit off the radar from time to time I eventually come back and continue where I stopped.

So as you may know, for the past few weeks I’ve been developing, or at least playing around with, my take on what a happiness project /good life would be like. For those of you who are new here jump back to part 1 .

This week I’ve decided to focus my attention onto adjusting my happier now project. Which means figuring out its blocks, limitations and other not so happy ideas.

One thing I have to say though is that  it’s quite impressive the amount of synchronicities in my life  since I started this project. I guess I really needed to check in with myself.  For instance, if you remember part 2 of the series one my action cards was the Lovers Reversed which I interpreted as  the need to bring all my parts together, become whole again.  Last week I didn’t write a post, but I felt really bad, not happy, questioning everything. And then I encountered a video on the internet that really spoke to me and then I really started reconnecting the dots internally. I guess the video only appeared to me when I really felt disconnected and therefore opened to it. It helped me see the dots that were running away and needed to come home.

I also think that’s perhaps why I didn’t write last week, because somehow I knew I needed to reach that moment before writing part 3 !

In any case, let’s get this post started  !



Part 3 – adjusting your happier now plan

I guess you understand what’s the point of this part of the project. Clearly last week’s plan was pretty good, but even great plans need to be slightly adjusted, adapted and evolve. So here you’ll find a few questions you can ask yourself and take cards to help you brainstorm a few ideas. Below you’ll find the questions and my results :

  • What is blocking me from implementing my happiness plan ?
    draw one card, maybe two. You want to keep it simple


Five of Cups Reversed – ok this is absolutely all about my attitude towards life. Oh jeez. Let’s just say I am being an absolute little b*tch towards life*, crying over spilled milk, regretting things, and not paying attention on the bright side of things which to be quite fair was not the case three months ago. But let’s just say when I get bored – remember my Knight of Wands from part 2 ? – I tend to brood about my future – ahhh I need a Three of Swords (aka drama) free life ! I have totally been acting like this for the past two weeks !  Ugh ! It’s all on me…

  • Why is this (attitude, state of mind, thing, situation) blocking me ?
    One or two cards. 

The Fool Reversed – This attitude is totally stealing my joie de vivre, or my passion for life, or my ability to throw myself into new things. It’s stopping me from starting new things, from trying new paths, from doing things I have never done before ! Maybe this is happening because I am in a state of mind where I am not allowing myself to jump and to just close my eyes and trust that things will be ok. I am probably holding off, or controlling myself too much.  Maybe I need to repeat my Happy Mantra more often…

  • How can I overcome this blockage and positively affect my life ? 

Nine of Pentacles Reversed. – Okay another reversed card ! Could Mercury Retrograde (or at least its shadow period) have anything to do with this ? In any case this card is telling me to perhaps focus on the things I love doing. Trust that things will fall into place if I focus on what lights me up**. I have somehow neglected the things I really care about because fo work, and maybe it’s time to get back on track and start finding the time for my real passions.

Oh ! I feel empowered ! I really needed this adjustment in order to understand the hiccups and I was facing.

Looking forward for part 4 which I think will be a game changer !

If you’d like to participate on the Project Happier Now please let me know ! I’d love to hear your feedback ! If you post about it, add a  pingback to me ! I’ll love to read your experience !

Much ❤


*To be precise this refers to my work/career. It has always been the case whenever I have life crisis. The bottom card or teacher card, was the Ace of Pentacles reversed which confirms what I already knew ! I’m so predictable ! At leas that’s reassuring  haha !
** Yes… a very precise/shameless/on the nose reference to Rebecca Campbell’s Light is the New Black book !


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