Project Happier Now : Part 2 – Taking steps towards happiness

Greetings Tarot friends !

Last week I shared with you the beginning of Project : Happier Now – Using the Tarot to be Happier Right Now  and today I’m going to share with you the second part of this experiment I’ve embarked on.

As you may know, part 1 was about finding the issues, the areas that need work and the attitudes that were sabotaging my happiness. I’ve also said that I didn’t have much structure to the project, which seems to be changing and as of now I’ve built it into 4 parts that I’ll explain as I go along them.

Before we dive into the second part I just want to look back at last week. If you are doing this project with me this is the time to assess what you’ve learned and how this new knowledge has impacted your everyday life.

For me it happened in a few ways…

First, in regards to the 6 of Cups from last week, I was able to catch myself and stop myself from being concerned about repeating the past. This was a great thing ! I realised I can’t control what’s in the past, but I can control myself right now and I certainly can start creating a new and brighter future. That really helped me this week.

On another level, I found myself not being very competitive, which supposedly was to make my life better, but it made me a bit discouraged and I started getting annoyed at other people who were not in the same “let’s not try too too hard” vibe I was in… So I think there is something there that I need to dig deeper. Maybe it will become clearer with this week’s cards.

Lastly I managed to be calmer about the future, but I still felt bored (speaking to my Knight of Wands) on the weekend. Argh, it was such a sunny week-end and I struggled to entertain myself a little bit.

Ok not so bad overall. I think the key thing is to being to identify the self-sabotaging thoughts and attitudes and I believe I’ve managed to do that pretty decently ! So I’ll give myself a 8/10 ! Hurray !

Now on to…

Part 2 – Taking steps towards Happiness

IMG_2209Now it’s time to take steps towards being happier right now. But before I draw out my action plan I want to know what that would look like to me. Therefore, my first question is

  • What does happiness look like to me ?
    draw one card, maybe two. You want to keep it simple

I got the Three of Swords ! Which is incredible because it does resonate with the first card I took last week, what area of my life needs the most attention ? and I got Ace of Swords. This card definitely confirms that I’m onto something.

Now here’s an exercise ! A “bad” card to explain what happiness is ? This is a great opportunity to let your intuition flow ! In my case I took it as : happiness to me means bringing the heart and the mind together. Being able to find a balance and not having the mind (swords) taking over the heart and vice versa. It also means to me that happiness  doesn’t equals to “living the life” (whatever that means), but it is more about a life without drama, complications and heartache. I want an easy stress free day to day life… Easier said then done !


All right…  now that I know what I’m trying to achieve in terms of happiness. Here’s how to get there !

  • Three actions that will make me happier right now ?
    These cards will tell you what you need to do to be happier right now

Death Reversed, Temperance and The Lovers Reversed (wow ! All majors ! I seriously need to get my s*t together !) Ok… So what is this all about ? Since my happiness process is all about my perception and thought process how can I bridge these together ?

Death Reversed to me is about accepting change and starting the change from within. I cannot control how other people feel, think or act, but I can control myself, I can change myself and change starts from within. 

Temperance is about prudence. It’s all about a fine equilibrium. So I need to find a balance in my life. I think this is telling me I need to keep on working on the cards from last week. Getting rid of the bad and replacing with the best 😉

The Lovers Reversed feels like I need to check back with myself. Have I become separate from who I am ? This card is telling me I need to bring all my parts together, become whole again. 

  • Three steps towards these actions ?
    These cars point out to more concrete steps. Notice how they resonate with the first set of three cards.

3 of Wands : Acknowledge how far I’ve come and take the steps to where I want to go next.(Death Reversed – how have I changed so far and what can I still improve?)
6 of Pentacles Reversed : learn when to say no and when to say yes. This is about balance. Not being afraid to negotiate. (Temperance right here).
The Sun : shining my light ! Being silly, playing around and opening up about the things that I love. (Re-connecting to myself, becoming whole again – The Lovers Reversed)

  • My happiness mantra :
    You can use a gentle oracle card that has quotes if you prefer. Use it whenever in need of a reminder to be happier right now !

Wheel of Fortune – Everything changes, nothing is stagnant. (perfect for the Knight of Wands in me who loooooves change)


Stay tuned for Part 3 – Adjusting your Happiness Plan !

If you’d like to participate on the Project Happier Now please let me know ! I’d love to hear your feedback ! If you post about it, add a  pingback to me ! I’ll love to read your experience !

Much ❤



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