Project : Happier Now ! – Using the Tarot to be happier right now

Greeting Tarot fanatics !

Introduction :

This week as promised… a bit late in the day perhaps here it is the début of my project : Happier Now ! woot woot !

I guess this project has been slowly growing on me and it a hit an epiphany when I realised I could use the cards to help me out (yes I’m slow that way).

In any case, I‘ve been partially inspired by Gretchen Rubin author of The Happiness Project and the folks from Good Life Project, hence the title that kind of mixes both references.

I’m not sure where this project is going to lead, maybe to something amazing, maybe to nothing at all, but I guess I feel an impulse to do it so I’m doing it.

As of now, there isn’t much structure. I think I’m just going to go with the flow and see where it leads me. I’ll share with you guys my progress and of course if you want to try my experiment please join and link back to my blog 😉 ! We can create a Happier Now blogger community !

Part 1

So the first part of my project is to identify the areas of my life where I have been feeling like I’m not where I’m supposed to be. Let’s put it this way : I feel like we are always thinking we’ll be happy when …………(fill in the blanks). The problem with this type of attitude is that it makes us unhappy right now , happy (maybe) in the future or in the worst case unhappy/frustrated/regretful.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t make plans, we sure do have to have an idea of where we want to go.  It helps to create strategy, go through steps and pivoting when needed. * I’ve pivoted several times in my life and I’m about to pivot once again, only this time internally rather than externally.

As I was saying, the  first part is to identify the parts that we think are not so great or that we’d like to change. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself and pick some cards to help you brainstorm :

  • Which area of my life needs the most attention right now ?
    Note : shuffle only the Aces to see what comes up
  • Three things that are not making me happy right now in my life ?
    We’ll later look into how to shift your perspective on the issue so you can endure it, learn from it and overcome it with time. 
  • What no longer serves me and needs to be removed from life ?
    You can refer back to the randomly chosen Ace and see how this applies to this particular area of your life
  • How am I sabotaging my own happiness ?

Here are my results: **

Which area of my life needs the most attention right now ?

IMG_2201Ace of Swords – Isn’t this something ? The Ace of Swords is about power, insight, mental clarity, setting goals, acting on them. Seeing things through new eyes and a new perspective. That’s just what I want to do with this project ! So I guess this is telling me that I’m ready to proceed into this (hopefully) life/thought changing path ! Spot on !

Three things that are not making me happy right now in my life ?


Six of Cups – maybe I’ve been too focused on the past lately. In some ways it’s true I’ve been nostalgic of the past and wanting things to be the way they once were on an emotional level. That said this is really not helping me because there is no way to go back to what once was. I need to look for what can be now and what’s good right now. Adding the Knight of Wands and this talks to my thirst for traveling, starting one hundred projects, being impatient and wanting to act right now. Maybe it’s time for me to let things unfold – after all we are in the year of the Hermit… – For the Five of Wands I think this really refers to competition. Useless competitions that honestly don’t add anything in my life. Petty fights and power struggles to prove what to who ?  Maybe it’s time for me to relax !

What no longer serves me and needs to be removed from life ?

IMG_2199Six of Wands reversed – Ok, I get it… It really is time for me to chill out ! Stop trying to be the hero, the best at everything, wanting to prove to everyone all the time that I’m capable of….(fill in the blanks). If I refer back to the Ace of Swords this is really about me trying to prove something to others and myself image, how I see myself in relation to how I think others see me !

How am I sabotaging my own happiness ?

IMG_21987 of Cups – Ha! I could take this card on a literal way. This past weeks I’ve wanting to buy this and that and that as well. In the end I didn’t buy anything but it bothered me that I couldn’t afford everything that I wanted. And they were not things that are completely crazy to want, but consumerism does lead to a cycle of happy/unhappy/happy again/unhappy. 

I can also take this to a more profound level : over fantasising life. (Pisces ascendant… here I am ! ) I guess sometimes (ahem – quite often) I dream of what life should be like and I fantasise things. Obviously, real life is not as glamorous as our fantasies…


Oh I have much work to do on myself. I’ve deliberately  decided not to start strategising and setting goals or actions in order to change right away. I think this part is really important to take in, reflect, digest before moving on to the second step. Journaling is key. I think I’ll read my journal entry again in a week or two to see how becoming aware of the issue has impacted my current happiness scale.

For the next episode : Part Two – Pivoting – Actions to become happier right now !

Much ❤


*So… I’m using start-up vocabulary for my life….

**Not into full depth – that I keep for my journal 😉 But at least you get a glimpse of where this is going.  After all this is Tarot Confessions isn’t it ?


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