Time off from Tarot readings ?

Greeting Tarot lovers !

I’m definitely onto a theme for the past two weeks. Stress ! * Maybe this is because we are soon to be on the 4th month of the year, taxes are coming soon, it’s the end of the first trimester and winter is ending and there is just a whole bunch of yucky energy still hanging. I don’t know for you guys, but that’s how it’s been for me…

Too much work, getting sick, too many commitments, stress, lack of sunlight, fatigue. Have you ever been there ? What to do when it gets to a point where you are way too tired to do anything ?


Fortune Teller by Albert Anker (1880)

As a Tarot reader (specially if that’s your main income)  it’s really hard to say no to clients. But at the same time if you don’t say no, the quality of your readings may be affected by the stress. Even if you meditate or ground yourself, if your body or mind is exhausted it’s really difficult to make sense of any subtle messages you get on a reading.

Sometimes you might want to push yourself and go further. You might say “just a couple more readings, a few more clients and I’m done”. But even one reading requires a lot of energy. I’m not only talking about the fact that as reader we tend to be empaths and connect to people’s energies, here is where grounding and shielding is important not to feel drained by a seeker. I’m talking about the energy that it requires to run a business, honour appointments, answer emails, etc.

IMG_2150I’m lucky to be in France where vacations are sacred. Everyone takes vacations and they are proud to have 5 weeks of vacations per year. But it’s not the same with other countries, and you might even feel guilty for taking some time off.

But let me tell you something : your tarot business is not going to end if you take two weeks off. You are not going to lose clients. The world is not going to fall apart. You will not go bankrupt. Everyone needs some rest from time to time. Specially if you are working with something that requires energy work.

But what if for some reason you can’t take some time off ?

If you search the web there are tons of articles that talk about the importance of vacations and how it can positively affect your health and happiness. On my last post I even mentioned that one night badly slept is equivalent to a full month of eating junk food. But it’s not always possible to take time off right away. Specially if you are not self-employed. So what to do in those cases ?

Slow down. Make a commitment with yourself to take it easy. Reduce the number of readings per/week for a certain amount of time. If you work full time on a daily job, go home on time at least twice a week… You keep a blog and you are struggling to have post ideas ? Tell your readers you are going on vacations and don’t write for a week or two. Find ways to relax and commit to them.

Bottom line : do less. We need less doing more living.

Here are couple of questions you can ask yourself (and pull out a few cards if you feel like it) to help you identify where you can cut off and how to relax.

  • What am I doing too much of ?
  • What can I cut back entirely ?
  • What can I reduce ?
  • What can I do to help me relax ?
  • What is blocking me from relaxing ?
  • How can I cut back on stress ?
  • How can I release worries ?

The first step is to admit to yourself that you’ve over done it. You are not a super hero. The good news is no one will be upset at you. Trust me on this. Be upfront about it, everyone has been there and if they say they haven’t… well good for them.**

Next week I’m going to share with you how to use the Tarot cards to help you design a plan for a better life starting right now.

Until then…

Much ❤



*Check out last week’s post  Tarot Cards and Stress !

**I honestly have never met one person that has never needed time off or vacations.




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