Tarot Cards and Stress

Greetings tarot junkies !

IMG_2125This week I came down with a big flu. I should have seen it coming, and Tarot has been telling me that for a while…

Truth is I have been way too stressed with work and I couldn’t get the time off. Working long hours, finding it hard to get some time off and even when I did, my mind was still back at the office.  So my body had enough of my BS and got me sick.

Of course stress isn’t always bad. Stress is important in our lives. However, when it gets out of control and we reach high levels of stress, it can be really damaging for our bodies. I’ve read recently that one night of bad sleep, can be as bad for your body as a full month of junk food ! *

It’s important to listen to our bodies. And sometimes when your mind is fighting it, you
can use the Tarot to check in if  you have been over-working, over doing , or just over anything.
 You can create a spread ( I’ve created a simple 3 card spread for this) or you can just pay attention to the cards that show up to you in your daily draws, or whenever you read for yourself.

These are my top cards that alert me for high levels of stress, I might have forgotten some, and if I did, please tell me in the comments section 😉  [I added a quick description, but of course the cards around it can clarify the nature of the stress]

7 of wands : feeling that you need to defend yourself from everyone, feeling attacked by all sides.

8 of wands : Too many things happening at the same time. Not knowing how to prioritise.

9 of wands : High levels of stress affecting the body. Physically tired, dreading the next step.

10 of wands : High levels stress affecting the body. Physically tired.  Feeling like you are carrying the world on your back, too many responsibilities, carrying dead weight.

4 of swords : Time out. Too much stress, needing to recharge batteries. “Sick” at home because of  stress (me this week for instance! )

Knight of Swords : High levels of stress before a battle (verbal battle, confrontation, conflict)

9 of Swords : High levels stress – spinning mind, negative thoughts, over thinking, unable to sleep – equivalent to a full month of junk food ;).


Here’s my three card spread for Stress :

  • How am I right now ? (look for cards I mentioned above, or if you identify with one of the above, you can consciously pick the card and randomly pick the other two)
  • What am I doing too much of ? (look for the cards I mentioned above)
  • What am I not doing enough of ? (look for cards that can mean that you need rest – Temperance, 4 of swords, 6 of swords etc)

I hope this post will help you figure out if you are over doing something and need some time out like I did. It’s important to put things in perspective.

Much ❤


*As if having insomnia wasn’t already bad enough, now it also means my body is reacting to it as if I had been feeding it with lots of trans-fat and sugar. Great. That really didn’t help my stress levels !


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