Lenormand : week 1 impressions

Greetings Tarot lovers !

I have to admit that I’ve dreaded writing this post all week. The number one reason for that being my latest acquisition of the Lenormand cards which got me totally focused on this new “language” studies and took me completely away from Tarot. It took me away from it so much that I feel like writing about the Lenormand again.*

This week-end I’ve completed my first week of Lenormand studies and I’ve moved from card combinations, to three card readings to five card readings, to nine card readings and yesterday to my first Grand Tableau (where my memorising of the 36 cards indeed came in handy for those of you who have read Lenormand : first impressions).

One thing I’ve noticed while practicing with the cards is that there isn’t as nearly as much information out there on the internet as there is about Tarot. It almost feels like Tarot is totally main stream now and Lenormand is the next new hype thing ! Have you noticed the amount of people on social media posting about their Lenormand cards lately ? Or the Tarosophy 2015 Awards ?  Last year’s awards only talked about one little lonely Lenormand deck, whereas this year they’ve even separated it into two categories : self-published and mass-market- published ! It blew my mind to notice the expansion !

That said, there aren’t as many blogs nor YouTube channels as I thought at first when I wrote my first post. At least not when you compare it to Tarot. Which makes the learning of it a real quest**. Sticking with it and trying to understand its nuances was what kept pushing me forward into decrypting it.

Words vs Images

The Lenormand uses words instead of images (Tarot) in order to trigger information. So let’s say I have :

Card #3 Ship = travel, foreign, movement

It doesn’t really matter if my ship is pink, blue, big, a canoe, kayak. All it matters is that it is a boat that floats and travels overseas.


So these words trigger thoughts of … Travel, foreign and movement ! (You didn’t see that one coming did you ?)

Now let’s say you have Card #3 Ship + Card#8 Coffin :


Cartamundi Mlle Lenormand

Ship ( travel, foreign, movement) + Coffin (end, death, sick, finish, over)

You can chose to see these in a couple of different ways :

Card 1 Topic + Card 2 Describes the topic = Ending travel, Ending movement, Finish line etc. 

Card 1 Topic + Card 2 action = Traveling ends something. Traveling to end something. Movement comes to an end, moving towards the end, movement to end.

In both cases you would refrain from interpreting the images. If your boat is pink and pink makes you think of love and happiness, STOP. The Lenormand doesn’t give a f#*^  about how you feel about this boat. It’s not going to make this travel or foreign whatever be happy and pink. It’s just plain and old travel/foreign/movement. Your coffin will not mean transformation, letting go of the old in order to set yourself free from the ego or something. It just means end, death, finish, over. Only the following cards can tell you a bit more information about what’s really happening. ***

Card combination is the most important rule of the Lenormand because it will get used over and over and over and over again, wether you are reading a 3 card spread or a 36 Grand Tableau. It all comes down to matching two cards to another two cards. 

I think playing with matching cards is probably what I like the most about reading the Lenormand so far, a) because it adds depth to the reading, b) because it really feels like a puzzle coming together.

One thing I have to say is that so far I still find it difficult to go back to the question. There is so much information and so many possibilities that it is quite easy to get lost in matching several cards and situations and forgetting the central question. So I believe I would write the question in a piece of paper and keep it close to me to always come back to it.

That’s all for today everyone ! I think I’m going to go give my Tarot decks some Tarot Luv. They miss me and I certainly miss them.

I’ll write a post very soon on the different types of card combinations techniques for the Lenormand because they are quite fascinating !

Much ❤



*I apologise for this. I know my blog is called Tarot Confessions – just a lot of Tarot love. I feel like I’m cheating the Tarot with the Lenormand !

**I don’t usually like taking one point of view as being the only possible way of doing something,I need several sources !

*** I love how rude the Lenormand can be ! You knowthose annoying clients… That sometimes make you lose all of your empathy just because they refuse to listen… Yeah, a Lenormand reading could work…. Just say : hey it’s not me… it’s the cards ! ****

****Of course I would never actually do that. But hey… I can fantasise about it ! :p



5 thoughts on “Lenormand : week 1 impressions

  1. Undines says:

    Thank you, you helped clarify some aspects of the Lenormand for me. And you are right, there is very little info on the Lenormand out there. I haven’t read much recently because I feel I need a bit more studying, and the little book my deck came with is in German and I don’t understand German which I feel doesn’t help either.


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