Q&A Thursday #3

Greeting Tarot Junkies !

It’s time for :

Q&A Thursday !

For this week’s Q&A Thursday I thought I’d try a different format than video and I’d love to have your feedback ! This is really important to me because it will decide the future of the series  (for further explanation on this scroll down to the end of the post) !

So let’s begin shall we ?

For this week’s Q&A Thursday I chose the Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative deck and the card the came out was…


The Two of Pentacles Reversed – how appropriate! – read below to understand 😉

The question I got from this card :

How can you find more balance in your daily life ? 

And my answer :

Personally,  I’m going to try to respect my own timing ! No more unnecessary long hours at work, no more stressing over meaningless things, and grounding myself ! 

How about you ? Do you also do long hours at work ? Be honest and really answer : do they really make you advance in your career, or are they just taking away from your own personal “me time”, “family time”, “friends time” etc ? Before saying yes to a proposal, really think if it is not going to bring unbalance into your life. Is this necessary ? Weight wether the “yes” will bring positive change into your life or if it is just going to make you spread yourself thin in many directions !

What about you ? What question comes to your mind ? What will your answer be ? Share in the comments below ! Also if you like this format, please let me know !

Much ❤



Why I didn’t make a video this time ?

I think some explanation is needed : well the thing is I really enjoyed making videos, but it is true that they are very time consuming. It’s along process to film, edit and post them and that’s pretty much the whole issue : TIME.

For the past 6 months, I’ve been getting many many signs from the universe, synchronicity messages to focus on my day time professional career (out of Tarot reading) and some doors started opening up for me in the most interesting ways. I feel a strong pull to see what’s behind those doors and therefore all of this investment is taking more of my time than before.

Although I always find time to write (in the subway, lunch time, train, at night), finding the time to film, edit and post videos is not always easy. On the other hand, I don’t want to end the series because I actually really like it. So if you guys like it too, I might just continue it, only in writing ! Or maybe could it be in audio ? Who knows !?


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