Lenormand : first impressions

Greetings Tarot friends !

This week I decided to throw myself into the studies of the Lenormand. Why ? Well one of the first reasons is because I live in Paris, the city where Mlle. Lenormand worked her magic in reading cards for very very important people. I thought I kind of owed it to the city and the culture to learn the Lenormand, since I’ve never had any interest in learning the Tarot de Marseille *.

So there it is I’ve received my first deck of Le Petit Lenormand. It didn’t cost much, around 5€ which served as an excuse for me to buy it… I just made myself believe that if I didn’t like it, it would be fine, because it didn’t cost much.


That said, I decided to buy a book to read about it – Le Petit Lenormand (Silvestre, C), which I don’t recommend if you are a beginner. To be quite honest, I tossed it aside in less than 30 minutes and  I jumped on the internet where I found a lot more interesting blogs and youtube channels which explain the Lenormand a lot better than the book I chose**.


So after a whole weekend spent reading Donnaleigh’s teachings about the Lenormand and binge watching her videos on Tarot Tribe Beyond Worlds (which was quite difficult because the new season of House of Cards just came out on Netflix, so I had to make a tough choice), I finally started getting the gist of it and understanding a few basics.

First Steps :

For some reason, I don’t really know why – maybe I just saw a video and went with it – I decided to memorise all 36 cards. Which I did, ahem… in only an hour (quite impressed with my memory skills, applauses to me). I know this will help me when I start learning how to read the Grand Tableau, but for now it just seemed something to register and keep for later.

After memorising all of the 36 cards and writing down they’re classical signification –  I decided to stay with the French tradition, because, euh, obviously I live in France so it kinda made sense to me to embrace the Frenchinness of the whole thing – I started learning about card combinations. Two at a time, and how one describes the other and how order really matters in Lenormand. This was quite an interesting process because it is so different from Tarot and the intuitive reading style I’ve acquired over the years.

The Lenormand is almost like a puzzle where you are trying to fit pieces together to tell a story whereas the Tarot is a flow of thoughts and emotions, motives and objectives that explain the why s and the How s of a story.***

Aha moment !

So after much playing around with card combinations, and trying to fit the Snake with the Man, the Snake with the Fox, etc etc, I reached my first Aha moment. Which was quite powerful to me… just sayin’… So I came to the conclusion that (drum rolls please) :

If you were writing a screenplay : Tarot would represent the character’s motives, objectives, his/hers wants and needs. The Lenormand would represent the actions, inciting incidents, turning points and climax. Tarot is the underlying emotion, the Lenormand is the structure and exterior repercussions. 

I thought that was pretty powerful. The script writing comparison came to me quite quickly because it’s totally within  my field of work. But let’s say you are a chef, or you enjoy cooking… Tarot is like the ingredients and Lenormand the recipe (shameless indirect reference to my Tarot vs Food series) ;).

IMG_2010First Likes :

  • I love how direct a reading is
  • Messages are quick, no emotions attached ( King of Swords style, boom, drop the mic! )
  • Accuracy is amazingly scary
  • Small cards, you can take anywhere, even in a tiny purse (style is everything)
  • Card combinations – it really feels like a game, love it
  • It makes your brain work in a different way, maybe more logical, looking for concrete examples

First Dislikes :

  • Messages can be confusing (most likely because I’m learning it, duh)
  • Fixed meanings, a little less room for deeper emotional interpretations (I want my Queen of Cups back ! I’m all about exposing the heart)

As you can see, not so many dislikes. I think the long term idea is really to put the Tarot and Lenormand to work together to make the reading a lot richer for the seeker. 

Shattered stereotype :

I admit that at first, the Lenormand really scared me.  I am a strong believer in free- will and constantly changing future and I thought that in order to read the Lenormand I had to believe in destiny, in fixed future and a lot of other bollocks. But I realise now that just like the Tarot, the Lenormand forecasts’ are based in the present energies. If you shift your ideas, you can shift the consequences of your choices. The power is still in your hands. 

I can’t wait to continue digging into the Lenormand ! **** I’ll keep you posted !

Much ❤


* I don’t know what it is, but the Tarot de Marseille gives me the chills. I have a physical reaction to it. Strange isn’t it ? Specially because it doesn’t make any rational sense. No offense to TdM readers, I appreciate your knowledge and skills. I just have a hard time with it.
** This totally reminded me of the very first time I tried to learn Tarot and failed because I had chosen a book that didn’t resonate with me at all. I’m glad that after my second attempt to learn Tarot (more successful I’d say), I learnt that a book does not give you the full scope of what card reading really is.
***Maybe I’m not making any sense, and I might be wrong… But like I said, these are my first impressions.
**** My bank account won’t be able to keep up, I already want to buy three new Lenormand decks that have beautiful art ! Plus all the Tarot and Oracles ! Argh ! I need a raise !





8 thoughts on “Lenormand : first impressions

  1. Jack of Wands says:

    I am a dreadful Lenormand reader–it really is such a different skill set from Tarot. That said, I agree with your analysis. Tarot seems much more introspective and emotional, whereas Lenormand is wham-bam-thank-ya-ma’am action-oriented (perhaps the reason I struggle so much with it). Please do keep posting on your Lenormand studies. I’d love to bask in some reflected glory from your studies!


    • Bella says:

      Absolutely will do ! So far it’s very much in your face no pity I don’t care for your feelings type readings, but maybe I just need to soften my take on it ! It’s quite intriguing


  2. Undines says:

    As a newbie student of the Lenormand, this is great. I haven’t yet had the chance to fully delve into it but I dabble enough to keep my learning growing. I’m impressed you memorized the deck so quickly and your deck is beautiful. Now I want to add it to my list. I definitely look forward to reading about your Lenormand journey.


    • Bella says:

      Thank you so much ! I think this is a great way to learn, sharing best practices and experience ! I took memorising the cards as a game and every night before I go to bed I revise their number and order in my head ! This way the information really sinks in ! I’ll be on the look-out for your posts on the Lenormand as well 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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