My Tarot Deck Wish List

Greeting tarot junkies !

For today’s post I am following an Instagram request of @creepycrystal. I’m going to share with you my wish list of Tarot/Oracle decks I own as well as the decks I want. 🙂 *

My wish list (forever changing) :

Prisma Vision Tarot Deck – this one has been on my list for a long time ! I just love how the cards tell a full story/picture when put together and I particularly love the dark background and the painting style.

Lumina Tarot – I really  want this deck ! It’s just such a cool, swag, hipster, street, rad deck. I love the graphics, colours, style, everything about this deck !

The Starchild Tarot Deck – I’m actually really intrigued by this deck. I love the pastels colours, but I’m scared I might not connect to the images, regardless I have an attraction to it that I can’t really grasp.

Heart of Stars Tarot Deck – Well I’m not sure this deck will have a second edition printed out which is so sad ! But I would have loved to have a copy. I loooove films, and this deck is just so perfect for that.

Morgan Greer Tarot deck – I just like how close we get to the characters in this deck ! It’s so intimate. This one seems a bit more obvious as a deck, but every time I think about buying it, I end up buying another one… So strange that this keeps happening

Hezicos Tarot by Mary Griffin – I find this deck so gentle. It reminds me of the Happy Tarot

Non Tarot Decks

The Alchemist Oracle –  The colours ! I find the colours on this deck just so amazing !

The Moon Deck – Such a powerful feminine energy deck ! Really like it.

Le Petit Lenormand – I’m very intrigued by this form of divination and I live in France… So I suppose this is something I have to try eventually.

Tarot Decks I own :

The Mythic Tarot – My very first tarot deck ! I really love this deck, even though I don’t use it as much now (it has become my boyfriend’s favorite deck. He only wants me to read for him with this deck – so cute)

Shadowscapes Tarot – I wish the cards were a bit bigger because they have so much detail in them. I’d love to see the details closer. That said, I really love this deck. I find that it works really well for personal growth readings.

Crystal Visions Tarot – I believe this was my second deck, and I find it so romantic. It also has a really cool feminine vibe to it. I tend to use this one for relationship readings.

Angel Tarot Cards – Doreen Virtue’s – I rarely use them, honestly I’m a not particularly a big fan of this deck.

Radiant Rider-Waite Smith Tarot Deck – well you all know how I feel about this one ! If not you can check it out here.

The Victorian Faery Deck – I find this deck really cool. However, I can’t use reversals with it, which is a shame.

The Housewives Tarot Deck – This one always makes me laugh. I adore it.

Dame Darcy’s Mermeid Tarot Deck – Probably at the moment one of my favorite decks

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck – I really like this deck, but I need to spend more time with it. I’ve noticed that if I’m tired, I don’t want to read it.

The Happy Tarot Deck – Always makes me smile. Such a cute loving deck.

Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Tarot Deck (Centennial RWS)- This one is just amazing ! Really love it

Oracle Cards Decks I own :

Angel Daily Guidance – was really uplifting when I went through something difficult.

Conscious Spirits Oracle Deck – Magical ! Just magical.

The Wild Faery  Oracle Deck – Intriguing… I need to play with it more I guess.

Witchlings Oracle – Perfect for manifestation, focusing on an energy. I often pick a card for the week and leave it at my Tarot Altar.

Miracles Now Oracle Deck – I really enjoy the “galaxy” feel to it. The sentences are encouraging and nice, that said, some sentences are a bit like… wtf ? I’m really tempted to removing a few cards from this deck.

Soon – Spirit Cats Oracle Deck – I’ve backed this deck on Kickstarter… I’ll be getting it this year… and I loooooove cats. So I just had to. I had to. It was stronger than me. 😉

Much ❤



* Sorry for not giving you guys the links to the decks, nor where to get them, nor who designed and created them. It took me the whole day to write this post. For some reason I wasn’t in the “writing zone” today. I promise I’ll update this post little by little with the links and etc.



3 thoughts on “My Tarot Deck Wish List

  1. Undines says:

    The Starchild Tarot has been sitting on my wish list waiting to get purchased for months now. I really really want this deck but haven’t gotten around to getting it. I think it’s because I’m waiting till I have a bit more time on my side so that I can patiently get to know the cards and connect with them. The Alchemist Oracle intrigues me, I look at it occatioanlly and debate whether to get it. I have never owned an Oracle deck. And the Prisms Visions is another one I debate also, beautiful deck.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bella says:

      I know what you mean about waiting till you have a bit more time to get to know the cards ! It’s so difficult to decide which deck will be next one !! I rarely purchase them in the order that I’ve told myself I would. For oracle cards it’s very personal ! I’m very picky with them. I like using them to close a reading like a special message at the end.


      • Undines says:

        I’ve never used oracle cards, I was looking that up today because I wasn’t sure what the difference is between oracle cards and Lenormand. Now I think it’s a bit clear now, I would just feel guilty purchasing another deck, oracle deck, and not getting the starchild I’ve been seriously wanting. So many decks and ways and beautiful reinterpretations. I still don’t have a decent RWS…

        Liked by 1 person

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