A Quick Look Back on the Tarot versus Food Series

Greetings Tarot friends!

I love food and I love Tarot ! So I thought why not make a series where I compare the Major Arcana cards to food / food experience ?

Here you’ll find the full list of the Major Arcana cards compared to food and the result of 10 months of food versus tarot thinking !

Bon appétit !

Much ❤


Tarot versus Food – Summary

Chapter 0 – The Fool vs Candy
Chapter 1 – The Magician versus Omelette
Chapter 2 – The High Priestess versus Portuguese Tarts
Chapter 3 – The Empress versus Nougat Glacé
Chapter 4 – The Emperor versus BBQ
Chapter 5 – The Hierophant versus Chocolate Cake
Chapter 6 – The Lovers versus Turkey Dinner
Chapter 7 – The Chariot versus Melon with Prosciutto
Chapter 8 – Strength versus Croissants
Chapter 9 – The Hermit versus Crustacean Shellfish
Chapter 10 – The Wheel of Fortune versus Leftovers
Chapter 11 – Justice versus French Macarons
Chapter 12 – The Hanged Man versus Food Allergies
Chapter 13 – Death versus Soda Drinks
Chapter 15 – the devil versus caipirinhas
Chapter 16 – the tower versus soufflé
Chapter 17 – the star versus tea
Chapter 18 – the moon versus tofu
Chapter 19 – the sun versus pizza
Chapter 20 – the judgement versus dessert
Chapter 21 – the world versus water

Much ❤



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