Working decks or collection decks ?

Greetings Tarot friends !

Rider-Waite TarotThis week I did a face to face reading that got me thinking about wether I prefer my all time favorite working deck : the Rider-Waite Tarot or my collection decks to read for seekers. Much to my surprise I came to the conclusion that even though I love collecting decks and pulling a card or two out of them for me from time to time, when things get serious and I need to focus  for a reading the RWT is my best friend !

You might think that this would be because it was the first deck I ever bought so therefore I have a special connection with it, but interestingly enough it was not my first deck. That said, ever since I bought I started using it for studying the tarot and my connection with it definitely deepened.

I could’ve just kept this deck as study option, but when I had seekers come over for readings I found myself drawn to it. Not always, but a lot of the times and I wanted to figure out why I have this particular attraction to the Rider-Waite. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far :

  • Because I use it to study tarot, it is the deck I’m most familiar with and therefore it is easier for me to intuit from it.
  • The complexity and depth of symbolism and colours schemes in the Rider-Waite deck is such that it fits perfectly for every area of life *
  • There is some invisible force/energy that calls me towards the RWT **
  • A classic will always be a classic. There is a reason why this deck became so big and it was copied over and over.

I do have several other decks inspired by the RWT or not at all, but I still prefer the Universal Waite over any of these for readings.  It is 100%  my go-to, get-serious, let’s-dig-in deck.

Don’t get me wrong ! I love the wild unknown, happy tarot, mythic tarot, shadowscapes, crystal visions, damedarcy and other decks, I do read with them. But the RWT is just… It’s just so great !

What about you ? Do you have a go-to deck ? Please leave a comment below and tell me which is your favorite deck !

Much ❤


* Whilst some of my decks are (mono-focused) area oriented being great for either relationships, or career, or personal development, I’ve noticed that the Rider-Waite is a broad deck fitting all areas of life and types of questionings and answers (for me at least).

**I’m not one 100% sure I believe in this invisible energy/force that calls me towards the RWT, at least not coming from the cards. Perhaps it’s more like the energies inside of me are pushing me towards it.


14 thoughts on “Working decks or collection decks ?

  1. Crystal says:

    I’m still learning the tarot and only have the classic rw deck. I did buy the Darcy mermaid swck after seeing yours 😊 I cannot wait to receive it! Have you ever used tarot cards Ro help find lost objects?

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    • Bella says:

      I m a big fan of the RW ! I be heard of readers who use tarot to help finding lost objects, however I’ve never tried it myself. I just associate it so much with spiritual awakening and personal development that I never really tried to use it like that ! But I suppose it could really work to trigger your memory to figure out where we’ve left something ! 😉


  2. Jack of Wands says:

    Personally, I find that my fingers start itching if I go too long without changing decks. There have been times where I’ve pulled out the Deviant Moon for a bright-and-sunny reading, because some crotchety voice inside me was ranting, “I don’t care what you asked, damnit, it’s been a month since I’ve used this deck and the dry spell ends today.”

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    • Bella says:

      haha ! This is great ! It’s like your decks have a life of their own ! I get that tho. I swap decks quite often for one card a day kind of thing, that’s how I rotate between decks, but this is mostly when I read for myself. When reading for other people, it’s a whole different game 😉


  3. vanessa lahat says:

    ITs funny, I have probably 50 or 60 decks, and I go in cycles , alternating between one of my collection decks ( I only actually use the Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery, the Tarot of the Sephiroth, THoth, Jolanda and Tarot of the Spirit) and my good old RWS. Ive been using it for about 25 years now, but since i got the
    Pamela Coleman Smith commemorative edition, im more in love with it than ever!!! It just contains the basic necessary symbolism to really allow me to connect clearly with my subconscious in a no-nonsense way. My other decks, while being a lot of fun, and very deep in different ways, just never seem to ‘have it all’ in the way the RWS does…THanks for an awesome post by the way 🙂 xo


    • Bella says:

      Hi Vanessa ! This is so great ! I totally agree, it does feel like the RW is a all in one deck ! That’s why I can’t get enough of it ! And you are absolutely right, the commemorative edition by Pamela Coleman Smith is just amazing ! Thank you so much for sharing ! And I’m glad you enjoyed the post ! 🙂

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  4. Undines says:

    Gosh, my all time favorite deck and my first one, which I am still getting to know is the Hermetic Tarot. Beautiful and deep deep deep well of esoteric wisdom. But I love the Gorgon tarot for everyday draws, general life “things”. The Hermetic is too dense for daily draws. I love the RWS but more as a classic, accessible deck. The colors of the one I have are a little jarring, I am considering getting the centennial edition to fix that. Also, I agree with one of the other commenters, I like changing decks, giving them each TLC, investing time with them, that sort of thing.


    • Bella says:

      Thank you so much for sharing ! 🙂 I also had some reservations about the colors when I bought the RWS. But I got used to them quite quickly. I have many decks that are very colorful. In a way I guess I like bright vibrant colors ! The centennial edition is absolutely beautiful and in my decks to get list 🙂


  5. sentinelonthecouncil says:

    I also learned with the Radiant Raider Waite, and it is certainly a very important deck for me, but I think my go-to deck for readings is probably Lo Scarebo’s Universal Tarot de Marseille. My collection isn’t very large, and I was thinking in terms of Tarot history when I assembled it. The Marseille just seems to me to be the “purest” form of the Tarot.

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    • Bella says:

      This is really interesting ! I guess I’ve been influenced by the first Tarot reader who read my cards. Her deck was the Mythic Tarot and I fell totally in love with the images in the cards. Given that the reading was amazingly accurate I guess that after that day it just didn’t matter to me if it was a “ancient/pure” Tarot or not. That said, the RWS is a very traditional deck of the English tradition… So can we consider it to be “pure” in some ways ? Thank you so much for sharing ! 🙂


  6. sentinelonthecouncil says:

    When I say “pure”, I don’t mean to sound elitist or anything like that. I use other decks, including the RWS. They can all ultimately be traced back to the TdM, and that’s all I meant. I like reading with that one, because there is no implied system that I’m aware of (like Golden Dawn correspondences in the RWS or Crowley’s Thoth, for example). Rather, it’s just the cards, and that’s all you need to know. If you wanted to apply other systems, though, the TdM still works just as well. But that’s just my personal preference. When it comes to artwork, on the other hand, the TdM isn’t my favorite at all. I was just talking in terms of reading.


    • Bella says:

      I totally understood what you meant the first time ! 😉 And I guess we have to go with the one that resonates the most with us right ? If it’s the TdM or the RWS, or both, it doesn’t really matter in the end, as long as we are happy with our readings 🙂 I just enjoy digging deeper into the “whys” of things ! Your comment made me question why I didn’t decide for the TdM when I started out… And I think it has to do with the reader that read for me for the first time. 🙂

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