Quick Tarot Fix – February 2016

Greetings Tarot junkies!

This is my first monthly Quick Tarot Fix! So I feel like I need to do a little bit of explaining!

Many bloggers and vloggers do weekly, daily, monthly readings! And it’s great! Because that’s one way to learn about their reading style! So I thought, if I’m writing a blog about my personal experience with tarot, I should definitely share my readings online because it’s a way of sharing my experience with the cards!

So here it goes!

Quick Tarot Fix #2 – FEBRUARY 2016


The Happy Tarot

It’s not always easy to find the right balance between work, family, hobbies and other activities.

Balancing all of these areas of life might be challenging, specially when these activities involve feelings, or neglecting your loved ones.

The solution might be to take some time off so that you can relax and reconnect with yourself and your love ones and re-think your timetable.

Much love ❤





For this Tarot Fix,  I used Serena Ficca’s The Happy Tarot. Theme  of the month: Two of Pentacles reversed, Challenge of the month :  Ace of Cups and Advice : Six of Swords


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