Tarot vs Food – The Moon vs Tofu


I love food and I love Tarot! So I thought: why not make a series comparing the Major Arcana cards to food /food experience?

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This week,  I present to you:


Greetings Tarot junkies,

I’ve been thinking a lot about the energy of the Moon lately. It’s crazy how the Moon affects us in deep levels. I don’t know about you guys, but I always find it amazing how the Moon affects my sleep (during Full Moons you’ll often see me with dark circles under my eyes), my mood (I’m girl and I have to say my body is complete sync with Moon cycles if you know what I mean…*) and even my dreams !

It’s crazy to think that the Moon affects the sea tides the way it does. Think about it : our body is made of 75% of water at least ** , if the Moon affects the ocean , why wouldn’t it affect us ? And still you’ll find some people out there that will say that this is all B.S  ! Let them be… you and I are on to something ! 😉

The Wild Unknown Tarot

The Wild Unknown Tarot

Anyways, so I believe this card will often show up in a reading when we don’t want to see something that is right in front of us, or when we are looking from a weird angle. And because of this I was struggling to find a food comparison until yesterday ! The boyfriend and I went to a Japanese restaurant where I ordered a miso soup with little dices of tofu. After the first sip of the soup when I tasted the saltiness of the miso plus  that something (with a  strange consistency, no taste, no colour, but still filling) called tofu,  it hit me :  when we get the Moon in a reading it’s just like when we eat tofu !

You probably think I’ve lost my mind, but think about this :

  • The Moon is round like a cheese, but it isn’t cheese, tofu it’s said to be cheese but it isn’t.
  • Tofu seems to have a cheese consistency, but it doesn’t it’s more like jello, only that it isn’t jello either.
  • The Moon is super shiny in the sky, it emanates a lot of light, only that it doesn’t , it reflects light from the Sun !
  • Tofu seems like it is protein, but is it ? I don’t buy it !
  • The Moon seems to disappear from time to time but it’s still there ! It never really disappears !!

You see where I’m going with this ?

Tofu and the Moon play tricks in your mind. You believe it’s one thing only to find out later that it wasn’t exactly that thing you thought it was… It’s more like that thing, but with a different touch when not completely opposite, amirite ?

So I believe that it is completely normal to feel absolutely confused when you take the Moon card in a reading. Just like when you eat tofu, you don’t really know what the Moon is trying to tell you apart from the fact that you might be slightly confused or being mislead.

My advice in this situation is*** : when you find the Moon in a reading, or when you eat Tofu, doesn’t matter which one comes first, just look for the piece of information, or ingredient, that isn’t there but that it should’ve been ! 

Let me know how that goes for you !

Much ❤





*Yes, I know too much information, however I think I shouldn’t be ashamed of my body. That’s how women are, so if you don’t like, I’m sorry I’ve offended you by talking about my period, but I think it’s important to demystify this natural function of the female body.

** I keep seeing different proportions for these 65%, 70%, 80%, 85%, so I just went with 75% to say that it’s the majority of our bodies.

*** I know I didn’t really go into details about the unconscious mind versus the conscious mind, of the symbology of the card like the crab, wolf, dog, pillars, path and everything else. Like most Major Arcana, the Moon is a rich card full of meaning. So for the purpose of this post I decided to stick with a simple one : confusion.


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