Hang in there ! 

Greetings tarot friends !
 It’s been what it feels like ages to me ! 

I’m writing today to apologize for my desapeareance from the web ! In fact, it has been a very intense last two months in my life and I have very little time left for me to do some of the things that I really enjoy like reading / writing about tarot. 

To give you an idea I’ve only been to yoga once in the last two months just to prove how disconnected from my own self I’ve been. 

Anyways I’m going to dwell on it because there is really no use !

I’m in debt towards you : I haven’t posted this months quick fix, nor a new post on the tarot versus food series, nor have I been present in some of my favorite Facebook Tarot groups. 

I have, however, created an Instagram account (finally ! and what took me so long ? ) !!! So at least I can keep in touch from there ! 

It almost seems like a goodbye but it isn’t ! I’m not abandoning what I’ve started I will finish the series even if it takes me another 6 months! 

I’ll be able to put my feet on the ground soon and start writing again ! Until then if you want you can follow me on Instagram 🙂 

Much ❤




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