5 Steps to ask great tarot questions

Greetings tarot friends!

This post is quite simple. I want to share with you my five tips to formulate a good tarot question. Let’s do this as a step-by-step post, shall we ?

Let’s take S. as an exemple. S. comes to me looking for an answer regarding her career. She is very unhappy at her current job. I ask her what question she would like to ask the Tarot. She says : I want to know If I’ll ever find a job that will make me happy.

Let’s go through the 5 steps to understand what is it that S. really wants to find out and how we can transform her statement into a powerful question that will bring about the best answer for her current situation.

*Step One*

State your issue. This means staying away from anything that starts with  “I want to know if/should [add whatever question that results in a yes or no answer]. Just plain and simple state your issue, i.e : I hate my job.

*Step Two*

State your feelings in regards to the issue. Let’s take the example of S. above: I hate my job because I feel bored at work, or because I feel like I’m lost, with no sense of purpose, or because [whatever it is that you feel]

*Step Three*

State your desired outcome. Let’s continue with the example: I hate my job because I feel lost there and I wish I would work with something that makes me happy.

*Step Four*

State what you believe that the Tarot can do to help you. ex : I chose to consult the cards because I believe the Tarot will give me an answer that will allow me to : see things through a new perspective, or to find a new career path, or take steps to transforming this lack of purpose into something else.

* Step Five *

Combine the previous steps into one question. I hate my job because I feel like I have no sense of purpose. I wish to know what can I do in order to find a career path that is aligned with my life purpose.

There you go ! A much more powerful question that the first one ! 🙂

I hope this helps!


Much ❤



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