Tarot vs Food – Death vs Soft Drinks aka Soda

The Housewives Tarot


I love food and I love Tarot! So I thought: why not make a series comparing the major arcana cards to food /food experience?

So each week I’ll publish a post featuring one Major Arcana card and a type of food or dish that I love!

This week,  I present to you:

CHAPTER 13 – death VERSUS soFt drinks aka SODA

Greeting Tarot Friends!

Today, I’d like to share with you a little bit of my perspective on the Major Arcana number 13: Death! If I were to define this card in one sentence I’d say that the Death card represents everything that isn’t good for us and that we need to let go of, for exemple: Soft Drinks!

The Housewives Tarot

The Housewives Tarot

I used to drink a lot of soda like Coca Cola and Sprite, and Canada Dry! Oh I loved Canada dry. It took me a long time to accept that these drinks are really bad for my system and health in general and an even longer time to quit them cold turkey. I’ve been soda free for 5 years now!

We all have things that we hold on to even though they are no longer good for us. They might’ve been for a long time for whatever reason, but it comes a time when you have to move on, just like Soft Drinks. I just had to let go of it.

When I was a kid I loved soda. That’s all I could drink in parties appart from juice and water. But then when I turned 18 and a legal adult (in my country) I could have other drinks like WINE for instance! So why would I keep drinking soda when wine was a much better option? 😉 (Obviously if consumed with responsibility. No binge drinking, or drinking and driving, please.)

Some people say that Death comes with transformation. I myself use this word quite often as well. But I don’t believe it’s a transformation in the sense that you re-invent yourself, that everything you are stops being. I see it more as a transformation in the perspective of releasing all the things that don’t “fit” in your life anymore, because you have been undergoing a transformation process since the beginning of the cycle with the first major arcana card The Fool. And the time  to let go of old patterns, old habits, old beliefs and old feelings always comes. Let go of all the things that do not help you move forward, everything that is holding you back for some reason. 

I feel like soft drinks are a bit like that. What do I really get from drinking soda? If I’m honest with myself I’ll say: nothing.  It just wasn’t working for me anymore. Some people will do that with meat, becoming vegetarians or vegans; some people will cut sugar completely; some people will stop drinking alcohol; some people will cut processed food, others will stop gluten. See? We all have things that become obsolete in our lives and we have to let go of them. 

So when you get the Death card in a reading, try to identify which “soft drink” you need to let go of. Accept that “x” no longer fits in your life and get rid of it. Drink wine! Break free! 😉

Much ❤



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