Tarot vs Food – Hanged Man vs Food Allergies


I love food and I love Tarot! So I thought: why not make a series comparing the major arcana cards to food /food experience?

So each week I’ll publish a post featuring one Major Arcana card and a type of food or dish that I love!

This week,  I present to you:

CHAPTER 12 – Hanged Man VERSUS food allergies

Greetings tarot maniacs!

This week I’m writing about the major arcana card Hanged Man and food allergies. Not exactly a type of food, but something that really speaks to me.

I used to eat a lot of salmon and tuna. I was a big fan of these two fish. I would have in any occasion and in multiple types of recipes. They were by far my favorite fish. Until one day  everything changed. I was 22 years old and  I became allergic to them…

The funny thing with allergies is that apparently they can come and go all through our lives. A friend  of mine  became allergic to shellfish at the age of 45 and ten years later she was no longer allergic to them…. Just like that:  a snap of a finger and the allergy was gone!

The Hanged-man to me represents a sacrifice, feeling stuck, not moving forward… In any case, a situation where there is some kind of suffering and feeling of defeat or loss. That’s exactly how I felt when I was rushed to the hospital after eating a lovely tuna salad and after the doctors discarded food poisoning and announced to me that I was allergic to tuna. And it got worse when I had the confirmation after running some tests where I also found out that salmon was out of the game as well. I mean, allergic to tuna and salmon? Who’s ever heard of that before? I certainly thought it was impossible!

I was devastated, defeated. I felt lost for I would never be able to go back to a sushi place and have tuna or salmon sashimis, or eat grilled tuna, or smoked salmon sandwiches and quiches. I was so sad. I saw no point on eating fish anymore… I was in morning for my favorite fish and there was nothing any one could say to me that made me feel better (everyone kept saying really “positive” things like: Oh, you are allergic to tuna? Really? That sucks!! – yeah! Really helpful, I feel sooo much “better” now…).

Shadowscapes Tarot

Shadowscapes Tarot

A lot of readers, and I agree with them, say that one way to get away from this defeated feeling and the pain caused by the Hanged Man is to try to see things from a different and new perspective. The card usually portrays an upside down little fella and that brings in a new look to a current situation. The tricky part is that it is really difficult to just accept whatever loss we have to deal with. But I can say that it is true for a fact that once we accept it, we can start healing.

So after much suffering and moping around because I wouldn’t be able to eat tuna or salmon ever again or at least until my body changes and decides that I’m healed, I started to open up slowly to new types of fish and that was my new perspective!! Have you ever tried mackerel sushi? Or grilled sardines? Or smoked cod fish? When I embraced the opportunity to try and eat new types of fish I discovered so many different tastes and recipes. A new fishy world opened up to me thankfully!

I have a friend who recently found out that she is intolerant to gluten. She was so sad, she loved bread, pasta, pastries. It’s ironic that she figured out her intolerance when she was studying to become a French pastry chef… Anyways, she also went through her Hanged Man phase and she found her new perspective when she started creating new recipes for the same pastries, only this time gluten free!!! And they turned out really good!

I really believe that when in the realm of Hanged Man we find ourselves in difficult situations, but it’s often due to these imposed losses or defeats that we gain a new amazing perspective in our lives!

Ps: I do, however, feel sorry for myself when I get the hanged-man in my readings… It just means that I’m not ready to move on yet and I need to digest the pain before looking for a new perspective…So it’s ok to grieve, but just know that there will be some light at the end of the tunnel  🙂

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Much ❤



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