Quick Tarot Fix – September 2015

Greetings Tarot junkies!

This is my first monthly Quick Tarot Fix! So I feel like I need to do a little bit of explaining!

Many bloggers and vloggers do weekly, daily, monthly readings! And it’s great! Because that’s one way to learn about their reading style! So I thought, if I’m writing a blog about my personal experience with tarot, I should definitely share my readings online because it’s a way of sharing my experience with the cards!

So here it goes!

Quick Tarot Fix #1 – September 2015

Tarot Quick Fix September

Dame Darcy’s Mermaid Tarot Deck

When working on a project, there is always a time when we reach a plato where all we can do is wait for the results to come. And sometimes waiting can be terrifying. We don’t want to rush things nor stand still. Regardless if you are not waiting enough or too much, try to see if you are being influenced by any negative thoughts or bad habits. The key to get out of this situation is to work on yourself! Create positive affirmations or meditate to ignite your hope and faith in this endeavour. You don’t have to share this inner work with anyone, it will still work even if done quietly inside your mind! It’s time to shed some light to chase this bad influence of the ego out of your system!

Much love ❤



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