How the Wild Unknown Tarot Surprised Me – Part 3 – Deck Interview

Greetings Tarot Enthusiasts!!

On the previous posts about The Wild Unknown Tarot ( How The wild Unknown Tarot Deck Surprised Me Part 1 , Part 2) I talked about how I was skeptical about this deck before I bought it, why I fell in love with it and I did a mini-review pointing out my likes and dislikes.

Today, as promised on Part 2, I present to you my deck interview:

I picked 5 cards to clarify the deck’s personality and specialties. The questions were:

1) What card best describes your personality?
2) What area of life do you specialise in?
3) What type of problems/issues can you help me solve/deal with?
4) In what ways will you help me?
5) How do you see our relationship?

The picture shows the cards that came out:


3 of Swords –  So this card really makes me think of drama. This deck is dramatic and sensitive. I almost feel like it will be quite dramatic in a sarcastic way to point out my own tendency to be a drama queen.

2 of Cups – Relationships, emotions, love, union, intuition…

Son of Pentacles – Issues that ask us to be patient, reliable, stable and focused. It’s not about instant rewards, but about putting the right amount of work and the right amount of waiting in order to see results.

Strength – This card says it all. The Wild Unknown Tarot (at least my deck, yours might be different…;)) is here to give me strength and perseverance.

3 of Wands –  We are building this relationship together, and together we can do great things, we can dream and act upon our dreams. It sees our relationship as one of teammates in the sense that we come together for a greater purpose.

I just ❤ this deck!

Have a lovely week everyone!


Now over to you! Do you also own the Wild Unknown Tarot? What was your deck interview like? 


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