I confess! 10 things about me that I’d like to confess.

Hello everyone,

this week, instead of writing about the Wheel of Fortune vs  Food, I’ve decided to talk about me. Yes… I am in a me me me mood these days. It’s all about me. (maybe this can be considered confession zero…). Therefore I’ve written down 10 things about myself that I’d like to confess.

* I looooove films, but I find it really hard to remember who directed which film. Which is probably a bad thing, given that I work in the film industry… I always look stupid when someone says: “oh you know, I love  “John Doe’s” movies, he’s amazing!”… I often pretend to know who they are talking about until they say the title of the film…

* I’m not completely out with my Tarot practices yet. My family knows, some of my friends know, but since I don’t do professional readings, not everyone knows.

* I HATE that I’m not completely out about Tarot. But I’m not so sure how that would be perceived in my profession and in the country I currently live in… Here they have a hard time understanding people with multiple jobs and interests… You are usually defined by your job and you “can’t ” do anything else…

*Sometimes I do a reading for myself on the same subject over and over again… I know it’s not a good thing to do that… but..but.. but… It’s so hard to resist.

* I find it really hard to keep up with social media. I don’t understand Twitter nor facebook. And sometimes I have the impression of spending too much time on the internet and not enough time in the real world.

* I do secret Tarot readings for fictional people… Sometimes I’m bored with myself and when none of my friends wants a reading, I make up fake readings… And I record them…

* I’m always debating whether I should write this blog in English or Portuguese (my first-language). But then I find that the English speaking community is more receptive to blogging… I don’t really know why I feel this way.

* I’m going on my first vacation trip all by myself. I’m staying at a stranger’s house and I’m discovering a new city alone! I’m really excited about this. It only took me 29 years to dare… I even created a special tarot spread that I’ve called the Going Away and Coming Back Spread.

* When I was younger I used to pray to my angels to give me patience. Of course they wouldn’t just give it to me, so I’m always putting myself in situations where patience is very much required, which I believe is their way of answering my prayers, giving me the opportunity to practice. Now I know I came into this world to learn the art of patience and living in the present. Not always easy…I’m not a very patient person…

*I am an ENFP – T personality type which probably explains a lot about me. According to Kim Huggens (Tarot 101) I’m very much like the Knight of Wands… … I have a love/ hate relationship with this personality type, so from time to time I retake the test to see if it changes… But it never does…

Bonus Confession: When I’m alone at home, I like to dance and sing to Adele’s songs pretending I’m giving a live concert.

So there you go! Now you know a lot about me.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.


What about you? Anything you’d like to confess? Feel free to share your thoughts! I would really really love to have your opinion. Pretty, please?


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