Tarot vs Food – Chariot vs Melon with Prosciutto


Tarot vs food – series!

I love food and I love Tarot! So I thought: why not make a series comparing the major arcana cards to food /food experience?

So each week I’ll publish a post featuring one Major Arcana card and a type of food or dish that I love!

This week,  I present to you:

CHAPTER 7 – the chariot versus melon with Prosciutto

Hello everyone! For this week I’ve been inspired by the heat wave here in France. Today here in Paris we hit 37 °C (98.6 °F) and I’ve been craving something fresh yet filling. So that’s why I’ve chosen to compare the Chariot to Melon with Prosciutto. It will probably only cover one of the many sides of the chariot’s card, I apologise for that. So let’s get to it, shall we?

2015-07-03 17.53.13The Chariot has so many different meanings like being on a journey, the journey itself, victory, taking control, triumph etc. But I’ve chosen to focus on duality and opposites and how we make them work on our favour.

A little back story: The first time I met my in-laws when I arrived in Paris, I was invited to have dinner at their place. It was during the summer time, and it was quite warm that night. When we sat down to have the appetiser, my mother-in-law brought to the table a plate with melon and Prosciutto ham. I was very surprised to see this combination of sweet and salty, of fruit and meat, of healthy and “fat”. I never thought they could go together. I was suspicious. But as I love to explore and try new things I went for it and I was surprised to find out that this combination is just perfect!

Once you manage to wrap your head around the fact that opposites can work together toward a common goal, the chariot will take you to the victory line. Once you realise that your shadow-self and you lighter-self can both work in your favour there is no stopping you!

Just like Melon and Prosciutto! The sweetness of the melon with the saltines of the Prosciutto make the perfect combo. In one side you have something really fresh and light and on the other something more consistent and filling. This combination works so well that I often use it at home for a light lunch when it’s too warm (like today for instance) or as an entrée.

When in the realm of the Chariot, you are on a journey to achieve a goal and in order to do that you have to take control of your horses! And you master your opposites you advance. Work with your dualities so that they can work for you! 




I’m really trying to get better at this social media thing… It’s almost a full time job! It’s tough keeping up with it and having an actual full time job. So there it is… Maybe I should incorporate the Strengths energy to keep going! ha!

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