Tarot vs Food – The Lovers vs Turkey Dinner

Tarot vs food – series!

I love food and I love Tarot! And it’s time for another chapter!

This week, I present to you:

CHAPTER 6 – The lovers versus turkey dinner

Hello everyone! This week I bring to you the major arcana card number 6: The Lovers which I’m going to compare to a Turkey Dinner, like the ones we would have for christmas, or thanksgiving.

I know I know, I too thought I’d compare the Lovers to something a bit more sexy, but hold on, you’ll understand why I chose a turkey dinner very soon! It’s a bit long… I got carried on. Bare with me.

IMG_0103So first of all, I want to talk about the lovers card. It’s so pretty, blessed, almost innocent. The two people standing naked in that field with an angle blessing them from the top. The man and the woman stand with their arms opened as if ready to receive something magical. The sky is blue, the grass is green, the sun is shining. It’s almost too perfect to be true, amirite?

Now look at this card again. What else do you notice? The tree behind the man is burning! Oh no! And there is a snake sneaking behind the woman! Jeez! And guess what? The woman is not even looking at the man! She is looking up at the angel, whilst the poor guy is looking straight at her! What is this all about?

So let’s go to that amazing turkey dinner.

What happens when christmas/thanksgiving is around the corner and people are trying to figure out how to spend the holidays with their families at a lovely dinner table filled with happiness and love? We’ve all heard this story before… It doesn’t necessarily ends with a happy ending… However, boring distant relatives aside, let’s imagine all the pretty lights and decorations got you really excited. You got that little christmas spirit sting going on and you may even become a little bit blinded by it, like when you fall in love. Not only you are caught up in the spell of the happy holidays, you decide that you will actually host the turkey dinner party at your place! Oh no! What have you done?

Now we’ve arrived to where I wanted to. Hosting a turkey dinner party is very much like when you are under the influence of The Lovers! Think about this, all you see at first is a beautiful man/woman/turkey naked ready to receive. Everything is perfect! Your relatives decide that you should host the dinner this year and you are thrilled with this idea! You’ve been chosen!

As soon as you hang up the phone with your mom/dad/aunt/uncle/cousin/grandma/pa to check if everyone is still coming, you run to the store to buy the best turkey, even though you’ve waited to buy it one day before christmas…

At the store, something magical happens. You don’t know if it’s a christmas miracle or not, but there it is… It’s love at first sight. A beautiful 14 pound frozen turkey. The last one left. It’s the perfect match for you dinner and you know it as soon as you lay your eyes on it… You are feeling quite proud of yourself for finding the last good turkey left! So far so good?

So when the big day arrives, you feel a sudden shiver. Maybe the snake is sneaking behind you?

You realize you took out the turkey to thaw, but the instructions mislead you and it’s actually going to take a lot longer than what you expected. You panic a little bit. What are you going to do? You told everyone a month ago that you could handle it! You promised everyone you’d do it and they’ve chosen you to do so and you and these 14 pounds of frozen turkey are meant to be! That my friend is commitment number one!

So when the turkey is finally thawed, you pop in the oven for 4 or 5 hours. You call everyone and tell them to arrive one hour later than planned, just to be sure that the turkey will be golden and cooked through by the time the “always late cousin” arrives. Great! Now you can start preparing the few things that are left… Wait what? FEW THINGS? Who am I kidding? You have to make a huge bash of salad, mashed potatoes, gravy sauce, cranberry sauce, roasted carrots, egg-nog, another type of punch and a frigging pumpking pie! And what is that burning smell coming from the oven?

You get the picture.

Cooking a turkey dinner is a real commitment. At first it can seem like a glorious opportunity, but truth is, are you ready for it? Is this turkey dinner the best turkey dinner ever, the most exciting adventurkey-dinner-1024x6821ture you’ll have at the end of the year when you are already somewhat exhausted from the previous 12 months and it’s -10 degrees Celsius outside?

Now you start to realize that maybe this turkey wasn’t the best idea, maybe you should have gone with a smaller one, or just not have hosted the party at all in the first place. Why aren’t you just a guest at someone else’s dinner party? Guest by the way, have it really easy... They just show up with a cheap bottle of wine and an appetite, usually looking fresh and clean, whereas when you look like you’ve been sweating over the oven all day long, your hair is a mess, and you smell like dead garlic parsley poultry.

Sounds horrible? It can be a real challenge to be in the kitchen deciding weather you should drop the apron and just serve chips, or commit to it and maybe serve something nice to your guests.

Like the Lovers, a turkey dinner is a moment where you are confronted with a choice, you either commit or quit, just like when you fall in love with someone. There is a moment that you have to decide whether to move forward with this particular person, or maybe try something else.

When you chose that amazing turkey, all you could see was the happiness it was going to bring, but then you started to understand that la vie is not so rose.

Yes it can be a big pain in the ass cooking the dinner, but the rewards of committing to it can be quite amazing. It’s a huge learning process. You can realise that you’ll never do a turkey dinner ever again, or that despite the difficulties you’d still do it exactly the same way, or even better, share the responsibilities with other guests, so your hands are less full!

A turkey dinner brings a lot of learning and development, just like when you are in the realm of the Lovers. You learn so much about yourself and the other person during the relationship, I mean… the preparation. And it all started with that amazing moment of magic and christmas lights, when you were ready to take the responsibility of hosting the christmas party.

Now over to you! What o you think about The Lovers card? And Turkey dinners? Please please share your thoughts! 😀


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