Tarot vs Food – The Emperor vs BBQ

Tarot vs food – series!

I love food and I love Tarot! So I thought: why not make a series comparing the major arcana cards to food /food experience?

So each week I’ll publish a post featuring one Major Arcana card and a type of food or dish that I love!

This week,  I present to you:

CHAPTER 4 – The emperor versus bbq

Ok, so this week is all about rules, being a leader and bossy. You know what’s right and what’s not when you are under the influence of the Emperor. You can be a great leader, or you can fall on the darker side and become more of a tyrant!  Just like barbecuing! 

Have you ever noticed that the people in command of the barbecue have their own way of doing things? You should cut the steak this way not the other way, or that the fire should be on this side, not the other side. Or for instance, that the steak shouldn’t be touched before x or y minutes? Rules and rules! So many of them! They know best and they may even become very bossy about it!

emperorI have never done a barbecue myself, but I’ve been to too many, and I’ve watched countless people in  BBQ motion. The family men around the barbecue attempting to make fire, and they all discuss for hours on how the coal should be placed inside of it.  Two hours later, we still have no fire because they are still arguing about the amount of coal and matches that should be used.

I’ve watched my father arguing with my brothers when they became grown ups about it, and later my partner arguing with his friends. I have this one memory of a trip I did with a group of friends and how it took the men 6 hours to start making the barbecue while us, women, had already prepared and seasoned all the meat and fish, and also finished baking three apple pies made from scratch.

That’s why when I think of the Emperor, I think about BBQs. Because the Emperor has these characteristics that often can be seen during a hot summer barbecue. The Emperor is a great leader, he lives by his own rules and he is normally quite fair. He usually represents a father figure, but it can also represent yourself, for instance, emancipating from whatever it is that is keeping you from setting your own rules for your own life.

I’ll give you an example that happened to me. Last year I was contemplating  creating my own company, and the Emperor kept showing up in my readings. It took me a while to understand that I needed to own my decisions and make my own rules instead of following the rules that were “socially accepted”, or worse,  doing what I thought others  wanted me to do. “Why is it that other people can create their companies and I can’t?” I kept asking myself. Because I wasn’t allowing myself nor owning my power to make my own decisions. It’s exactly like barbecuing! When everyone knows better than the barbecuer himself, it takes forever for the BBQ to start. But when he/she decides to step up and say: “I am the King/Queen of this barbecue! I’ll do it! ” things flow a lot better. But it takes courage to that and not hurt other people’s feelings. It can also be difficult because you don’t want to be seen as a bossy or unfair person. 

So when you see the Emperor, just think about the countless BBQs you’ve been to and how it

Grilled Sardines <3

Grilled Sardines ❤

would have been so much easier if somebody decided to step up as the leader of the grills! It could be you, or someone else! The point is to own your decisions and create the life you want to have. If you’ve passed by the Empress you are starting to figure out what you love, now to BBQ you have to just get up and grill those steaks/fish/veggies your way! Don’t accept medium-rare, when you prefer well-done! Step up for what you want and believe in! Be the leader you’d follow!

Have a great week everyone!


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