Tarot vs Food – The Empress vs Nougat Glacé

Tarot vs food – series!

I love food and I love Tarot! And it’s time for another chapter!

This week, I present to you:

CHAPTER 3 – The Empress versus Nougat glacé

I remember christmas when I was younger and still living at my parents. Christmas has many different meanings to different people, and in my house it was a time for family reunion and celebration, rather than having a religious approach to it. One christmas, my mother decided to make a Nougat Glacé and we are all hooked on it forever since. Christmas became the time of the year when we could eat as much Nougat Glacé as possible. The first time she made one, she realised that in order to feed our new found love for it, she should have made three of them…

Why? Because Nougat Glacé is the most delicate, sexy, creative, surprising dessert I have ever tried. It’s really difficult to make one (I’m not the best person in the kitchen, I’m ok), but once you’ve done it and you’ve tasted this beautiful dessert/ice cream/ wait what? it also has crunchy bits?/ and oh the raspberry sauce!, you can’t really have just one slice.

IMG_0100And yes I’m comparing this delicacy with the Empress. Because like a Nougat Glacé, the Empress is AWESOME! In my opinion, she is sexy, delicate, creative, surprising, layered with different emotions. The Empress embodies creativity in all stages, from beginning to completion. She is nurturing, kind, she takes care of you and herself, she knows what she wants. She does not judge, she loves.

And let’s talk about pleasure here! Eating a Nougat Glacé is like having a “foodgasm”! And the Empress… I mean, this lady knows how to take pleasure out of her sexiness! 

If for any reason you decide to try to understand what a Nougat Glacé is, stop! It’s like when the Empress starts rejecting her emotions, trying to suppress them or rationalise them. A Nougat is ice cream, but it’s not, it’s crunchy, but it isn’t, it’s sweet but it’s too sweet. You just have to accept it as it comes and love it for what it is.

When the Empress shows up in a reading, I like interpreting it as a moment of falling in love with life itself. Passion! It’s all about being able to create things that you love! Give birth to ideas, take care of the people and the things you love the most! When the time comes to eat Nougat Glacé, it’s like a magical moment of the year! It all starts in the kitchen, in the preparation. I take special care of the ingredients and the recipe. I put so much love into it that I know that my guests can taste it when they eat it! The Empress is like that! Nurturing yourself, nurturing your creations so that when you set them free in the world they can spread pleasure, sexiness and happiness like only a Nougat Glacé can do!


Click on the image to get the recipe!


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