Tarot vs Food – The High Priestess vs Portuguese Custard Tarts

Tarot vs food – series!

I love food and I love Tarot! And it’s time for another chapter!

This week, I present to you:

CHAPTER 2 – The High priestess versus portuguese custard tarts

IMG_0097This is week is all about secrecy, intuition and the unknown. That’s why I chose Portuguese custard tarts to compare to the High Priestess!

First things first: maybe you don’t know, and I probably never said anything, but I have a history with Portugal. My great grand father was Portuguese and I grew up hearing about Portugal and eating Portuguese food. I am also a Portuguese citizen, even though I was not born in Portugal. I’m telling you this so you’ll understand my choice.

2013-08-17 16.49.21

Pastel de Belem, the real one in Portugal in 2013! ❤

Portuguese custard tarts are probably one of the most amazing things I ever tasted from Portugal. What’s quite cool about them is that they have two different names: Pastel de Natas and Pastel de Belem. The first one is just a regular Portuguese custard tart. The second one is the real deal! It was invented by catholic monks at the Jeronimo’s Monastery in a small town called Belem (today this village has been kind of integrated to Lisbon). At the time the monasteries used a lot of egg whites for starching clothes so they had to use the yolks for something else, so a lot of them created pastries and other delicious goods. The real recipe, the one that makes the Pastel de Belem, is still a secret! In 1834 the monastery was closed and the recipe sold to a family that had a sugar refinery and they’ve kept it a secret since then.They opened a pastry store right next to it in 1837 where they still sell these amazing tarts.

I think you are starting to figure out why I chose the Portuguese Custard Tarts.

The High Priestess is all about secrecy, something that has not yet been uncovered and so are these amazing Pastéis de Belem. The true recipe is unknown, a secret, a mystery. You can try to make it your own, but it will never be like the real one. However, if you tap into your intuition you can achieve amazing results!

I for instance have tried several recipes and the ones that worked out the best were the ones

Pastel de Natas home-made!

Pastel de Natas home-made!

that I trusted myself to make them delicious. The recipes that I’ve tried when I didn’t trust my ability to make them get close to the “real” taste didn’t work out. In the end, I will never have the perfect answer, but I can get pretty damn close to it and be really happy anyways.

I guess the High Priestess is a bit like that. We can’t have the perfect answer if that’s what we are looking for, but we can have the answer that best fits ourselves and our present moment. Even if at times it doesn’t seem like the best bet.

So when the High Priestess shows up in a reading don’t panic, you probably already know the answer inside yourself. And if you think you don’t, all you have to do is connect with your intuition. Like Portuguese Custard Tarts. I know I will never have the original recipe and I also know I can’t go to Portugal anytime I want to eat them, but I can connect with myself and feel the recipe that is going to make me happy. Even if it’s not the real deal, I’m happy to eat one anyways!

Does it make sense? If it doesn’t it’s okay. It makes sense in my head.

Once again Jamie Oliver with a nice and easy recipe for Portuguese Custard Tarts, minus the caramel. I prefer cinnamon! Click here!


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