Tarot vs Food – The Magician vs Omelette

Tarot vs food – series!

I love food and I love Tarot! And it’s time for another chapter!

This week, I present to you:

CHAPTER 1 – The magician versus omelette

IMG_0096I think the first thing my mother taught me to cook was how to make  an Omelette. She is a certified French Chef (even though she is not French) so she cooks really well and when I was younger she was the one who made me appreciate good food.

An omelette seems so simple tho,”why do you compare it to the Magician?” you may ask. Because being the first numbered card of the Major Arcana cards, The Magician to me is all about having the qualities and capabilities of doing something amazing, but not being ready just yet. Just like cooking! You may know you want to be on TOP CHEF but you can’t expect to cook a boeuf bourguignon right off the bat! You know your goal is to win the competition, but if you know nothing about cooking you better start with the basics!

So to make a good omelette you need the right ingredients, the right amount of salt and pepper, milk, butter and heat. You need the tools to whisk it, (a fork is good enough) and a frying pan. You can’t add to much heat or it might burn on the outside and stay raw on the inside. And sometimes you may need someone who’s done it before to guide you, and if that person is pretending to know, chances are you are going to mess it all up. Sounds to me a lot like The Magician. Wouldn’t you agree?

So let’s say you have the right ingredients and the proper heat and technique. You are focused so you make the first step in the right direction to becoming a great chef and participating on TOP CHEF! Hurray! 

But what if, you are just winging it, you say: it’s fried whisked eggs, what could wrong? You energy is scattered. You have all the ingredients, but your mind is all over the place! You answer your phone while trying to fold your omelette correctly and what happens? You break it! And it ends up looking like scrambled eggs. You can kiss your TOP CHEF nomination good-bye! If you can’t make an omelette, forget about making a serious steak!

See? Like the Magician, if you have proper guidance (which can come from you inner-self) you can make the first steps in the right direction, you have the focus, the qualities and energy to do so! But if you are not concentrated enough, or you chose the wrong “teacher” (or the ego mind), well… things might get a little bit messy in the beginning! 

So my advice for you when making an omelette or dealing with The Magician is: stay focused! 

Omelette Recipe:

For one Omelette.


2 – 3 eggs (if they are small use 3)
1 table spoon of milk
Salt and pepper to taste (if your filling is salty like cheese or diced bacon don’t add too much salt).
1/2 table spoon of butter
Optional – Shredded cheese for an omelette with cheese

Whisk together the eggs and milk (if you’re making it with cheese you want to whisk it with the eggs and milk). Add the salt and pepper. Put your frying pan to medium to low heat. Add the butter and spread it all over it. Before the butter burns (please! don’t let the butter burn!) throw your mix in the pan. Just let it cook. I usually use a spatula to gently spread the not-cooked egg over the cooked egg so it cooks. Once your omelette starts bubbling, the moist part on top starts cooking nicely. Don’t let it dry. The moist of the beaten eggs inside is what makes an omelette so delicious!
Now let’s fold it: Gently release the bottom of the omelette from the pan, like a pancake. Fold each side to the middle. Stop the heat grab your plate place it on top of the pan and quickly turn it around so the omelette falls gently onto the plate. Voilà! There you have it! A nice folded omelette!

Jamie Oliver, my favorite British chef of all times, makes a really good omelette! Slightly different from mine but also pretty good. Click here to watch his video!  


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