Herald of Spring and why everything seems to be better now

Today I wanted to write a little post for the blog. But I didn’t have many ideas, so I asked the Tarot what should I write about. I used my The Victorian Fairy Tarot for this and I got the Herald of Spring  and I started having ideas! Oh you have to love the Tarot for tapping into your mind and giving it a shake! 

IMG_0110The Herald of Spring, being the equivalent of The Rider Waite Page of Wands, is very similar to the Fool (and I talked about it on my Tarot vs Food series) it’s all about enthusiasm, something new! It could be related to a new hobby, a new adventure. Its element is fire and to me it’s all about movement, change, action and creativity! 

Certainly this Herald brought me a nice message, like most pages do: a personal message to the querent!

A little back story for you to understand why I was so happy to see this Page in my hands. I don’t know if it is the moon in Scorpio, but I was feeling a bit serious, down, and dark this past week. Like hope was hiding from me…( I’m not very good in astrology sadly).

However, as I looked into this image I saw the snow in the background melting away and becoming a flowing stream of water and flowers blooming in the foreground. The fairy depicted seemed to be dancing, and saying something like “see it’s over, things will flow now, it wasn’t so bad, stop being melodramatic!”.

The water melting away  represents to me the feelings that have been some what cold and rigid inside. Frozen literally. As the snow melts away, so do my hard feelings, like they are being melted away to flow graciously. The Page of Wands  being about fire, is not so much about feelings like the Page of Cups, I agree, but I’m a highly emotional person, so I know that my emotions grow tentacles to all areas of my life.

In short: this Herald of Spring is bringing me an uplifting message about letting go, letting things flow because there is change coming, since fire is constantly changing and transforming things.

You have to love change and embrace it. If everything stayed the same life would be quite boring! 

***Tomorrow new post on Tarot vs Food series! ***



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