Tarot vs Food – The Fool vs Candy

Tarot vs food – series!

I love food and I love Tarot! So I thought: why not make a series comparing the major arcana cards to food /food experience?

So each week I’ll publish a post featuring one Major Arcana card and a type of food or dish that I love!

This week, we start at the very beginning! I present to you:

CHAPTER 0 – The Fool versus Candy


When I was a kid I ate soooo much candy! My parents often got mad at me for eating so much candy before lunch and dinner. They probably also knew that I’d spend all my allowance money on candy at school.

Ok… Candy isn’t food! But, just like The Fool, it has a taste of beginnings, new adventure, new cycle! It comes with excitement, being spontaneous and innocent.

That’s why I’m comparing the Fool with candy, because candy is something that reminds me of my childhood, when I was innocent, when every time was play time! No responsibilities, just fun and sweets! Just spending hours chewing those amazing “rubber” like chemical sugars that would make me unstoppable and full of energy!

The unknown is also another aspect of the Fool and a bag of mixed candy! You never know which yumminess you are going to get when you dig in your over priced bag of sorted sweets!

However, eating too much candy also has a negative, darker side, like The Fool... Caries, stomach pain, headaches, getting grounded and sometimes not being able to watch the new disney movie because all the money was spent on candy, being irresponsible, aloof, not reliable, and a fool, basically.

The key is to be prudent when eating candy and when entering the Fool’s realm! Both have this excitement to it that we have to take advantage of, but we have to be careful not to over do it and end up on the wrong path, or on the path to the dentist…

Next week I’ll talk about The Magician and I might give out a little recipe!


7 thoughts on “Tarot vs Food – The Fool vs Candy

    • Bella says:

      Oh yes! Definitely! I totally forgot about this reference! Thank you for bringing it to my attention! 🙂 Thank you Barbara!


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