Stop looking ahead! The Present is a gift.

Recently I’ve been feeling very stressed for many different reasons. One day I’m okay and the next I’m stressed, my brain kicks in and starts making horrible predictions for my future. 

In order to counter balance the craziness of my fatalist ego, I decided to pull out some cards in a spread suggested by Kate from Daily Tarot Girl. By the way, Kate has really cool ideas as you probably already know.  In case  you don’t know her yet click here to go to her blog.

As I was saying, I chose this spread because it’s quick and easy and you get straight forward advices to improve your attitude. 

I can’t find the link to it but it basically works like this: What is it that I need to know right now?

And then you answer in one sentence:

You have to ___________(card one) and to _______________(card two), and please STOP ________(card three).

photo (4)

The picture on the left shows the cards I took. At first I can see  two cups cards, which tells me it has to do with how I feel. So I should definitely do something about that, rather than work harder, create something new etc etc.

So I interpreted it like this:

You have to have fun with people you love and renew your relationship with yourself  and please STOP projecting so much into the future.

I know the Two of cups usually represents a relationship between two people, partnership, a love connection etc. But since I like reading intuitively, I had a strong feeling that this card wasn’t talking about my current relationship. It had to do with me only. Like I’ve been trying to separate two aspects of myself that cannot be separated, and because I’ve been trying to do that I’ve been feeling a bit uneasy, So I decided to read the Two of Cups as renewing my relationship with myself.

Of course cards have their traditional meanings, but sometimes the messages have to go a bit deeper and we have to let our intuition take charge.

When I looked at this spread as whole I just really got this strong feeling that it was telling me to live in the Present, because when we stop living in the present we start worrying about things that are not real. 

So that’s it!! The present is a gift to us. Live now, not tomorrow.







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