How do I listen to the cards?

photo (3)Whenever I do a reading in a hurry I get confused with the guidance, and every reader will tell you that: “don’t read in a hurry without grounding yourself and setting the mood”. But being an anxious person, sometimes I just want to skip the foreplay and get right into action. Reading cards in a hurry will not take you to the very top of the mountain like they could if done properly.

So how do I get the best out of my readings to myself?

I’ve tried writing down the meanings and coming back to it later, but it never really worked for me because I often get confused. Also I tend to have several journals so I never know where I wrote things down.

What truly works for me is when I do a reading for myself and I record it on my phone or computer and I talk as if I was reading for someone else. I don’t listen to it right after… Waiting is key. I wait a few hours before hearing what I’ve said and that’s when I have the best “AHA!” feeling. That’s how I get my top of the mountain guidance.

Also the cool thing about recording your reading is that you can always come back to it to see if you’ve missed something. Of course you can do the same with your journal, but I just feel like the thoughts come too quickly in my head and when I’m finished writing a sentence I’ve already forgotten the next one.

You just need to find what works best for you. Some people write down a few words in their Tarot Journal, some make drawings. I like listening. 

Does that make me different? Of course not! That’s what I love about Tarot ! You can find so many techniques that best fit your personality! And it never ever ever ends!


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