Vitality! Vitality! Where have you been?

photo (1)When I first started learning about Tarot, I ended up acquiring new habits. For instance, I started like most readers taking one card a day to learn about its meaning as well as to have some insight about my life. But since, I admit it, I’m a bit lazy, I’ve decided to take one card a week to focus on a particular energy for each week. It was fun, but it got better when I bought Paulina’s Cassidy Witchlings.  I fell in love with it! It was exactly what I needed to create focus in a particular energy! So I’ve been using this deck a lot for weekly goal-setting readings.

So as I was saying, this week after enjoying a long easter weekend, I’ve decided to pull a card from this deck to set a goal and I got Vitality! At first I was excited about this idea because I’ve been feeling very tired lately and I didn’t know why. I guess Vitality is what was missing in my life. However, the meaning really hit me when I read what the Little Book of Spells said about this card.

Basically it told me to get my ass out of the couch and start exercising. No pain, no gain as they say.

It’s funny that this card would come out like this because last week I was really considering signing up for the gym. I used to be very athletic a few years ago, but since I moved to France I forgot all about sports and health! Wine, croissants and books have been my work-out since then. 

So I guess what I’m trying to say is: No wonder I have no energy left in my body! I’m not taking proper care of it! Vitality is all about the balance of body, mind and spirit! 

So the message was pretty clear: Put on my sneakers, get up, go do some sports and eat some green stuff! 

But before that I’m just going to finish up my Easter chocolates!



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