How it all began…

It all started back in 2009. I was very confused about  life. I had many questions lingering in my head and I couldn’t make them go away.  At the time I was going through a career change, country change, employment change. So much at once. My  friends and family tried to help me in every possible way, but the anxiety wouldn’t go away.

One day a good friend of mine, tired of hearing all my doubts and anxieties, suggested that I go see a psychic, tarot reader, astrologer. At the time I did not believe in such things. I thought they were interesting but far away from me. I was afraid.

As the turmoil of my mind wouldn’t stop, I decided to follow my friend’s advice and with the help of the internet I found a tarot reader close to my house.

When I arrived for my appointment, the first thing that struck me was that the reader had nothing to do with all the crazy things I had imagined while driving there. She was nor a witch or goblin, she wasn’t a troll either and she definitely didn’t go to Hogwarts with Harry Potter and his friends. Quite the contrary. She was pretty normal, very calm, centred and her presence gave me inner peace.

The consultation gave me confidence. She made me feel empowered.  I left with a real understanding of my distress and I had a good idea of what to do next. It was a huge transformation. It was my first step towards self-awareness and personal development.

I left the reading pretty excited. I wanted to learn the Tarot ways. I tried, and failed immensely. I was still not ready.

A few years later, I went through a very similar change: country change, career change etc, etc, I felt once again very worried. The tsunami of uncertainty was back in my life. I decided to see her again. This time I left determined to learn about the world of Tarot. I bought my first deck and I never let go ever since.

Nowadays, I have several books on the subject, several different Tarot decks and oracle decks! I love it! It’s a part of my everyday life!

Even if I enjoy from time to time giving readings to strangers and friends, I think the best thing the Tarot brought to my life was  the ability to get in touch with my intuition and listen to my “heart”. Every day I learn something new, I evolve on something. Sometimes yes I fall, but I stand up and I continue my journey. And it’s this journey with Tarot that I want to share with you.



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